Bamboo fencing

Bamboo is a type of grass that is known for its rapid growth and versatility. It's widely used in various applications due to its strength, durability, and sustainability.

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Buying a Fence at Fenceonline

The fence, as a garden partition, is one of the specialties of Fenceonline. Fences, also known as garden screens, are among the more popular types of garden partitions. Within our assortment, we offer various types of wooden garden fences. If you're looking to buy a fence, this page provides more information about the diverse fences available for your garden.

The applications for a fence are endless. We commonly see fences around residential houses, a traditional type of garden partition in the Netherlands. Fences are also used in other places, such as daycare centers, as dividers around supermarket waste containers, and at football clubs. For every application, there is a suitable fence in the Fenceonline assortment.

Different Types of Garden Fences

Fences offer many possibilities to beautifully and naturally separate your garden or property. At Fenceonline, we have all types of garden fences in stock in our warehouse. Fences are generally resistant to all weather conditions. With an average lifespan of 10-15 years, these wooden fences last a long time. When people think of a fence, they often envision a wooden product. However, there are more choices in the realm of fences. At Fenceonline, we offer the following types of garden fences:

  • Wood Concrete Fences
  • Rock Pattern Fences
  • Bamboo Fences
  • Composite Fences
  • Wooden Fences
  • Aluminum Fences
  • Luxury Fences

Each type of fence has specific features and advantages. An essential aspect in choosing a fence is personal taste—whether you find the material and color appealing. At Fenceonline, we have all the products available for you to make an informed choice, and our staff can answer any questions to help you choose the right fence.

Wood Options for Fences

The options are endless when you want to buy a garden fence at Fenceonline. One of the best-selling types of fences is the one with a wooden panel. Let's delve a bit deeper into this. We offer numerous variations of wood types for fences:

  • Douglas Fences
  • Hardwood Fences
  • Pine Fences
  • Black Painted Fence
  • Red Class Wood Fence
  • Brown Impregnated Fence

Each type of wood has distinctive characteristics. For example, Douglas garden screens have a reddish-pink color, while hardwood fence panels have a warm dark brown color. Both fence panels, however, tend to turn grey over time if treated with our stain. Impregnated fence panels, such as pine, retain their color longer. With a well-balanced range of fence panels, we can meet all preferences.

Wood Concrete Fences

Perhaps the most popular type of fence is the wood-concrete fence. This fence is characterized by the combination of wooden and concrete parts, creating a sleek garden enclosure. The fence panel of a wood-concrete fence is 180 centimeters wide and 180 centimeters high, constructed from vertical fence boards fixed to several horizontal boards. We also have horizontal fences in our assortment. Additionally, we offer a transition panel and a 90-centimeter high panel for a low fence. In this type, the fence panel is attached to sturdy concrete posts placed in the ground. This results in a robust structure that withstands all types of weather. A wood-concrete fence is not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing.

Rock Pattern Fence

A rock pattern fence is constructed from wood and concrete parts, similar to a regular wood-concrete fence. However, there are some differences. The panel is not 180 centimeters high but approximately 130 centimeters. This type has two or three concrete base plates with the distinctive rock pattern, achieving the same total height as the previously described fence. The rock pattern fence also has an additional concrete cap for a more luxurious appearance. This type of fence is in high demand and sells well at Fenceonline, and it's easy to see why.

Bamboo Fences

Another variant is the bamboo fence. Bamboo adds a casual, fun, and tropical atmosphere to the garden, giving you a vacation feel with the right weather and setting. This fence consists of a bamboo panel and metal posts. We offer two types of bamboo panels:

Corten Steel Bamboo Fence

Galvanized Steel Bamboo Fence
This fence is typically equipped with steel profiles. Alternatively, it can be equipped with hardwood posts. The fence panel consists of a steel frame, with the bamboo sticks securely attached. As bamboo is a natural product, a bamboo fence is a very sustainable choice. The environmentally friendly appearance of the bamboo sticks gives your garden a natural touch.

Bamboo sticks are highly resistant to all weather conditions, making the garden fence last a long time. This way, you can enjoy a pleasant atmosphere in your garden for years to come.

Composite Fence

Another excellent product in the Fenceonline assortment is the composite fence. A beautiful, sleek, and durable product that is unaffected by the various weather conditions in the Netherlands. Composite is made from recycled plastic and wood, making it "indestructible." This type of fence complements modern houses exceptionally well but is also increasingly seen in various other architectural styles. Fenceonline composite fences come in multiple variants: with individual planks and one with a fixed panel—similar to a wooden garden screen. Discover the many advantages that composite offers.

Wooden Fences

The wooden fence, as the name suggests, consists of wooden parts. We offer wooden fences in a few variants: pine and black painted wood. The wooden garden screens are attached to wooden posts. We have the standard choice of pine posts in two options: impregnated and black. Additionally, we have hardwood posts. The wooden fence does not use concrete parts—not even a base plate. As a result, this fence does not reach a height of 200 centimeters—it is approximately 180 centimeters high.

Aluminum Fences

A newer choice at Fenceonline in the realm of fences is the aluminum fence. With a sleek look and dark color schemes, this fence is gaining popularity, especially in houses with modern architecture. So, if you want something unique and distinctive, an aluminum fence is perfect for this purpose.

Luxury Fences

A luxury fence, what exactly is that? At Fenceonline, we have created a special section on our website for this. This fence is characterized by beautiful high-quality materials, durable products, and a lot of privacy. An example is the Elan fence, which fits practically any garden. Take a quick look at the various fences with a luxurious appearance.

Garden Gates with Fences

An essential part of many fences is the garden gate. The garden gate creates a passage in the fence, allowing access to the enclosed garden or plot. For every type of fence, we have a garden gate. For wooden fences, we have a wooden garden gate in the same wood type. For other types of fences, we have a matching gate. The garden gates are available in many dimensions to tailor the gate to its use. The gates come standard with a hardware set and lock. For wooden fence gates, we also have black hardware in our assortment. Complete your fence with a gate.

Fence Price

The price of a fence, what does it finally cost? That's a question we often get at Fenceonline, and the answer is not difficult to give. We have developed a tool—the configurator—that provides an answer to this question in a few minutes, with or without the installation costs. It's an all-inclusive rate. The price depends on the type of wood, the height, and whether you install it yourself. The number of required meters, desired options, and the color of the concrete are also factors included in the price.

Our configurator automatically gives you a discount as the order amount increases, which we find convenient and fair.

Take a quick look at our configurator and calculate it. Need help or want a quote? No problem: call us or send an email, and we will quickly provide assistance.

Fence Parts

A fence is generally composed of several standard parts, regardless of the type of fence you order. So, it doesn't matter which type of fence you buy. Each type of fence uses a panel (wood, bamboo, composite, etc.) and posts (wood, concrete, metal, etc.). Additionally, small materials such as screws and bolts are used to complete the fence. Optional items are also available for every fence. One of these is the garden gate, as described. Other options include concrete mortar or, for example, a maintenance product like stain.

Affordable Fence

At Fenceonline, you can find a fence at every price point. We also have fences with slight imperfections, so-called seconds. A plank may be broken, or the wood may have discolored, for example. If you want an inexpensive fence, also check out this page for second-hand fences.

Buy a Fence Online at Fenceonline

Buying a garden fence online is nowhere as easy as at Fenceonline. We are the specialists who will assist you further. Check out our assortment of fences and transform your garden into a beautiful space where you can enjoy without being disturbed by others. Want more information? Contact one of our advisors and discover all the possibilities without any obligation. We are happy to help you buy the right garden fence!