Garden gates

A garden fence is only complete with a garden gate. Fenceonline provides suitable garden gates for their fences to offer the perfect finishing touch. Take a look at the metal garden gates and accessories.

A garden gate from Fenceonline

Fenceonline offers garden gates in different materials, heights and widths. Our range of gates is suitable for any garden and offers various options that are appropriate to your wishes.

The garden gates of Fenceonline offer you privacy and safety in your own garden. Nosy glances into your garden are a thing of the past and your garden has a chic but sturdy closure.

The gates are equipped with a steel construction to provide the garden gates with extra carrying capacity. This makes the garden gates very sturdy, so they have a long life and are well resistant to weather influences and frequent use.

Double garden gate and single garden gate

To close a single-wire fence or double-wire fence you can choose a double gate or single gate. The ideal entry to your garden with a modern and sleek look. The garden gate with double port consists of two ports, the left gate of which opens to the left and the right-hand gate turns to the right. The single port has only one port.

Complete packages at Fenceonline

The garden gates of Fenceonline are easy to assemble yourself. In addition, the various gates are virtually maintenance-free, which means they have a long service life and are a sustainable investment.

Fenceonline offers you complete packages. For example, we have fences, gabions, the suitable posts to place the garden fence firmly and the garden gates to finish your garden. Discover the different possibilities now and order your complete garden fence at Fenceonline.

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