Garden gates

Fenceonline offers a wide range of metal garden gates, wooden garden gates, bamboo garden gates and composite garden gates, suitable for every garden.

A garden gate from Fenceonline

Fenceonline offers various garden gates and garden doors in different materials, heights, and widths. Our range of garden gates is suitable for every garden fence and offers various options that fit your desires. The garden gates from Fenceonline provide privacy and security in your own garden. Peering into your garden is a thing of the past thanks to an elegant and sturdy garden gate. Curious? Discover more about the various garden gates that Fenceonline offers.

Types of garden gates

At Fenceonline, we have various types of wooden garden gates. We offer bamboo, wooden, and metal gates.

Bamboo garden gates

The bamboo garden gates have a natural appearance and are also very sturdy due to the steel frame in which the bamboo poles are attached side by side. This steel construction ensures that your fence gate is very sturdy. Bamboo also gives a tropical look to your garden.

Wooden garden gates

Our wooden garden gates are available in Douglas, Redclass, and pine wood. If you prefer a robust and sturdy look in your garden, you can also opt for a black pine fence door. The gates are delivered complete with fittings and cylinder lock.

Metal garden gates

The metal garden gates are available in single-bar and double-bar mats. In addition, you can choose between a double gate or a single gate for the metal fence gate. The double gate has two wings, both of which open to the left or right. The single garden gates logically have only one wing. Our bamboo, wooden, and metal fence gates are resistant to all weather conditions, ensuring that the garden gate has a long lifespan. Easily order your fence gate from Fenceonline.

Complete package at Fenceonline

The gates from Fenceonline can be assembled by yourself. In addition, the various fence gates are virtually maintenance-free, ensuring a long lifespan and a sustainable investment. At Fenceonline, we offer you the complete package for your fence gate, which is easily delivered to your home. Complete your garden with other items from the Fenceonline range, such as fences, gabions, and fences. Would you rather pick up the garden gate yourself? This is of course possible; just contact us for this. Do you have any questions or need advice about the various garden gates from Fenceonline? Feel free to contact us at 085-1301947.

Arrange yourself before electrical installation and assembly?

You can install your electric gate yourself, but we can also do it for you. If you let our specialists do the work, you need to make some preparations yourself. To ensure smooth assembly, a few things are needed:

Electricity must be available within a radius of 1 meter from the gate. Presence of a network cable if internet is required (for example, for opening the gate via an app). A place to mount the control box. Construction-ready ground. Arranging a KLIC notification. Gate installation

Fenceonline is the specialist for installing your brand-new gate. We deliver and install gates throughout the Netherlands, Belgium, and even Germany. On request, we also ensure that your old gate, vegetation, or existing partition is removed by us, after which we install your custom-designed gate. Having a wooden gate installed or even having a metal gate installed is easier than ever with our installation service. Curious about the installation costs for having a gate installed? Calculate it quickly and easily via the gate package. We ensure a neat finish and continue until you are satisfied! For those looking for a complete solution, we offer the option of having a gate and fence installed together. This is particularly useful to order as a package, where both the style and execution can be perfectly matched. Curious about who preceded you? Take a look at our completed projects.

Install gate yourself

Are you handy and do you like to work with your hands? Then we invite you to install your gate yourself. With some help from friends or family members and our extensive manuals at Fenceonline, you can successfully install your own gate. Careful preparation is crucial; by following the right steps, you ensure that your gate is sturdy and long-lasting. For a detailed step-by-step plan, we refer you to our gate installation manual. To help you get started, we provide a clear overview here to install a gate yourself:

Installing a metal gate Unpacking: Lay out the parts on a soft surface. Determine the dimensions, direction of rotation, and position. Preparing Hinges: Adjust hinges in advance. Attach the eye bolt lightly in the gate wing without tightening. Flexibility: Adjust the eye bolt for the correct spacing between the poles. Placing Poles: Place the poles perpendicular and at the right height, secure with concrete and let harden. Mounting Latch: Attach the latch with the hex key and screwdriver, adjusted to the direction of rotation. Hanging Gate Wing: Hang the wing and tighten the eye bolt nut. Lock Mounting: Attach the lock housing and slide the cylinder lock in with latch and cover plate.

Installing a wooden gate Determining Rotation Direction: The rotation direction of the gate is adjustable. Rotate the gate for left or right rotation. Adjusting the latch in the lock determines the inward or outward rotation. Preparation: Measure the passage. Lay the gate and frame flat, with hinges upwards. Determine the position of the frame around the gate, with the stop opposite the hinges. Ensure that the bottom of the frame protrudes for correct height. Mounting Frame: Use expansion plugs to attach the frame to a wall or post, after pre-drilling. First mount one part of the frame, attach the top rail level, and close with the second part of the frame. Mounting Gate: Place the gate on a raised platform, check the plate thumbs, and hang the gate. Adjust the hinges if necessary for proper closure. Lock Mounting: Determine the location for the lock, drill holes for the cylinder and door handle. Mount the lock housing and cylinder, install the door handles, and screw securely. Adjusting Latch: Adjust the latch after determining the rotation direction and mounting the lock. The inclined side of the latch should point towards the frame side. Change this if necessary by pressing the tab upwards and rotating the latch. Lock Mounting: Slide the lock housing into the gate, leaving some room for adjustments. Attach the cylinder and secure it with the largest supplied screw. Mount the door handles with the handle pin and secure them with the hex key. Mounting Strike Plate: To close the gate correctly, extend the deadbolt (gate in closed position without being locked). Mark the positions of the deadbolt and latch on the frame. Mount the strike plate on the marked positions, optionally using a chisel for neater slots. Check if everything closes correctly and mount the strike plate permanently.