Single garden gate | Premium | Width 100 cm

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Gardengate Premium
Single garden gate | Premium | Width 100 cm
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Single garden gate premium 100 cm

The single premium gate complements perfectly with a single wire mesh or twin wire mesh fence. It provides a beautiful passage with a modern look. The twin wire mesh filling of this garden gate consists of horizontal and vertical wires of 5 mm and 6 mm thickness welded together. The posts of the 100 cm wide premium gate are 6 x 6 cm, and the steel thickness is 2 mm. This construction ensures that the garden gate is very sturdy. The robustness of the premium gates also ensures that they have a high level of security.

Like the double premium gates at Fenceonline, the single gate is also equipped with a powder coating. Additionally, the gates are galvanized. The galvanization and powder coating together ensure that the gate is well protected against weather conditions. This minimizes the chance of rust formation, making the gates highly durable.

The single gates at Fenceonline consist of the following components:

  • Two gate posts
  • A wing with twin wire mesh filling
  • Hinges
  • A lock case
  • A latch
  • A cylinder with keys
  • Post caps

Disclaimer: Please note, premium gates are delivered in RAL7040 instead of Thermally Galvanized.

Difference between premium and professional gates

Both gates are suitable for single wire mesh and twin wire mesh fencing. However, there are differences between the gates, mainly in dimensions and passage:

  • The premium gate has a 6/5/6 mm twin wire mesh filling, while the professional gate has an 8/6/8 mm twin wire mesh filling.
  • The posts of the premium gate go over 50 cm into the ground, whereas the posts of the professional gate go over 70 cm into the ground.
  • The hinges of the professional gate are sturdier than those of the premium gate and are mounted differently.
  • The lock of the premium gate is mounted in the gate frame, whereas the lock of the professional gate is mounted in the filling of the gate.

Dimensions of single garden gates

The single garden gates premium are available in different widths. In our premium garden gates, the specified width, 100, 120, or 150 cm, is the width between the posts. Check the exact dimensions in our manual.

Assembly of single premium gates

The single garden gate premium is easy to assemble. In the manual, you will find step-by-step instructions on how to assemble the gate. The premium gate can be mounted in the ground or on base plates. When mounting in the ground, you can secure the gate extra firmly by using quick-setting concrete. Fenceonline also provides all the necessary materials for mounting on base plates. For mounting on base plates, you can use the strong chemical anchors with injection mortar, available in a convenient set.

Would you rather have the gate installed? Fenceonline can also take care of that. Select Installation of the gate during ordering. We'll take care of the rest, and before you know it, you'll be enjoying your new gate.

Gate automation

With the premium gates at Fenceonline, you can choose manual operation or electric operation. With electric operation, you can automatically open the gate using a remote control. For example, you can open the gate without having to get off your bike. You can also grant access to visitors remotely.

Complete gate package

The premium gates at Fenceonline are easy to order as part of a complete package of twin wire mesh or single wire mesh. But they can also be ordered separately. Select your desired height, colour, operation, and whether you want to assemble the gate yourself or have us do it.


The single premium gates at Fenceonline can be combined well with both single wire mesh fencing and twin wire mesh fencing, forming a modern garden partition together. We deliver the gate complete to your home so that you only have to assemble it. Would you rather have the gate installed? That's possible too, select the installation option during ordering, or contact us. Would you like to receive more information about the premium gates or other fencing? Feel free to contact us.


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Width 100 cm
Diameter posts 6 x 6 cm
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