Metal garden gates

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3 Items

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Metal garden gates from Fenceonline

Fenceonline offers various types of metal garden gates. We have a suitable garden gate for every type of metal fence. The following garden gates are available in different heights, widths and colors:

  • Single leaf garden gate
  • Double leaf garden gate
  • Ornamental gate elegant 
  • Ornamental gate basic

All our gates are galvanized and then powder coated. These two treatments ensure that you get a beautiful, but also low-maintenance gate. Both treatments ensure that the gates do not rust and are protected against all weather influences.

Single leaf garden gates

A Single Leaf domestic gate is usually used with our double-wire or single-wire fences. By using this domestic gate together with these panels, you get a beautiful passage with a modern look. The strength of this gate ensures a high level of safety. The Single Leaf domestic gate is supplied complete with a gate post and hanging and closing hooks.

Double Leaf domestic gates

The double leaf garden gate of Fenceonline creates a modern and practical entry to your garden, which is often used for driveways. The garden gates of Fenceonline are very durable and sturdy because the gates are galvanized, and powder coated. As a result, the garden gates are protected against all-weather influences and have a very sturdy construction.

Ornamental gate elegant

Decorative fences are increasingly being used as garden fences. A decorative fence provides a beautiful view of your house, garden or driveway. A decorative fence is elegantly finished with this elegant gate, which ensures a beautiful, but also secure finish for your fence. The gate is made of high-quality metal. The gates are first galvanized and then provided with a powder coating. This means that the gate does not rust.

Ornamental gate basic

A basic ornamental gate from Fenceonline provides your garden with more atmosphere. This decorative gate can be used in combination with our decorative fences basic, or only as a gate between walls or other obstacles. Thanks to this sleek design, the garden gate provides security as well as looks.

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