Double garden gate | Professional | Width 500 cm

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Double garden gate Professional 500 cm wide
Double garden gate | Professional | Width 500 cm
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DDP 500cm
As low as 1,559.95


Double Garden Gate, a professional-grade gate with a width of 500 cm, available from Fenceonline:

  1. Spacious Entrance: The Double Garden Gate boasts an impressive width of 500 cm, providing a spacious entrance to your garden or outdoor space. This width is ideal for accommodating larger vehicles or creating a grand entrance.

  2. Professional-Grade Design: This gate is designed for professional use, making it a reliable and robust solution for securing your property or garden. Its construction is built to withstand heavy use and outdoor conditions.

  3. Enhanced Security: The Double Garden Gate offers enhanced security for your property. With its substantial width and durable design, it can act as a formidable barrier against unauthorized access.

  4. Versatile Use: While commonly used for larger entrances or driveways, this gate can also serve other purposes, such as creating a secure enclosure for your garden, yard, or commercial property.

  5. Reliable Vendor: Fenceonline is a trusted seller, ensuring the quality and authenticity of the Double Garden Gate. You can count on their expertise in providing professional and secure gate solutions.

  6. Durability and Longevity: The gate is built to last and withstand outdoor elements. Its sturdy construction is capable of enduring various weather conditions and providing long-term performance.

  7. Customization Options: Depending on your specific needs, you can often customize the design and finish of the gate to match your property's aesthetics and requirements.

  8. Easy Installation: While larger in size, professional gates are typically designed for straightforward installation. Professional installers may be recommended to ensure proper setup.

  9. High-Level Security Features: To enhance security, the gate can include advanced locking mechanisms and access control systems, ensuring that only authorized individuals can enter your property.

  10. Value for Commercial and Residential Use: The Double Garden Gate is suitable for both commercial and residential applications, offering a versatile and secure solution for a wide range of properties.

The double garden gate professional from Fenceonline consists of the following parts:

  • Two gate posts
  • Two wings with twin wires 8/6/8 welded
  • Aluminum lock
  • One aluminum lock catch
  • Caps for the posts


In summary, the Double Garden Gate, with its 500 cm width and professional-grade design, is a robust and secure solution for your property's entrance. It provides a spacious and reliable barrier against unauthorized access while withstanding outdoor conditions. Fenceonline ensures the quality of this gate, making it a valuable investment for both residential and commercial properties.

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Material Steel (galvanised & coated)
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