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  1. Enkelstaafmat hekwerk pakket Complete package
    V-Mesh package
    • Includes posts and fixings
    • Customized to your dimensions
    • Price from 2.5 meters wide
    From 61.85
  2. dubbele tuinpoort premium 300 cm breed
    Double leaf garden gate premium 300 cm
    • Complete set incl. all accessories
    • Different heights &colourss available 
    • Easy to assemble
    As low as 539.95
  3. enkele tuinpoort premium 100 cm
    Single leaf garden gate premium 100 cm
    • Complete set incl. all accessories
    • Different widths, heights & colours available
    • Easy to assemble yourself
    As low as 249.95
  4. Double wire fence complete package Complete package
    Double wire fence complete package
    • Includes posts and fixings
    • Adapted to your dimensions
    • Price from 2 meters wide
    From 56.85

Buy your garden fence at Fenceonline!

Fenceonline can offer years of experience in garden fences. Most of our employees have worked in the garden industry and have the necessary knowledge and know how to provide you with everything you need to know about your new fence. We offer different types of fences, like double wire fences, single wire fences, mesh fences and decorative fences. We deliver everything to your preferred location.

Fenceonline offers quality products and provides you with 10 years guarantee for metal fences. We buy our fences in large quantities and can offer them for low prices. In addition to fences, we also provide suitable garden gates and installation materials. Would you like a more natural look? Our fences can be used for climbing plants. This does not only provide more privacy, but turns your fence into an eyecatcher.

If you are looking for something a bit more special, gabions are a good alternative. Gabions do not only separate your garden from the outside world, but also provide a modern and elegant look. Fenceonline offers various types of gabions, such as stone baskets. Gabions are very low maintenance and also come as complete packages. Just use the fence generator to find out what materials you need.

Most garden fences also need a garden gate. Fenceonline offers the right garden gate for each fence. There are garden gates with different styles, colours and sizes, so you are guaranteed to find the right gate for your fence. We keep our products in stock and can deliver within 5 - 10 working days. The exact delivery time is stated for each product. You can contact us for any questions you may still have.

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