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If you are looking for garden fences made of materials such as douglas wood, pine wood, bamboo wood, metal fence panels, or even a composite fence, you've come to the right place at Fenceonline. On our website, we offer every type of garden fence you can think of or desire. Fences are an important part of every garden. The right type of fence can serve a variety of functions. For example, a fence can have an atmosphere-enhancing function, think of the chic appearance of a hardwood fence. Of course, fences also have a very practical function. For instance, a wood-concrete fence ensures that your neighbors cannot see into your garden, and a twin-wire mesh fence keeps unwanted visitors out.

No matter what your preferences are, for a garden fence, you should turn to Fenceonline!

For every type of fencing, you're in the right place here.

Certainly, you can rely on us for all types of fencing. As a partner of the world's largest producer in the field of fencing, we specialize in various types of fences such as twin wire fences, v mesh fencing, decorative fencing, gabion baskets and even security fencing. Wooden fences and composite materials are also waiting for you in our warehouse. And when it comes to fencing solutions for sports fields, we're the MVP - Most Valuable Provider!

Metal fencing

At Fenceonline, we make it effortlessly convenient for you to purchase a diverse selection of high quality metal fencing online. Our commitment to quality ensures that you have access to a wide range of high-quality options, all just a few clicks away.

Twin Wire Mesh Fence

One of our highlights is our twin wire mesh fence. Our twin wire mesh fence is manufactured in the UK and The Netherlands using high-quality materials. The galvanized steel is coated with a powder finish, preventing rust and ensuring top-notch durability. Experience top-quality craftsmanship for your garden. The twin wire mesh fences from Fenceonline provide a sleek and robust appearance to your garden. Available in colours such as black (RAL 9005), gray (RAL 7016), green (RAL 6005 or RAL 6009), and thermally galvanized, with the option for any desired height or wire thickness (Ø 8/6/8 or Ø 6/5/6 mm), we have a twin wire mesh fence in our warehouse that aligns with your specific needs.

You can easily order these fences on our website, complete with matching posts and accessories. For added convenience, we also provide a fencing configurator. Simply share a few details about the fence you require, and our system will automatically add all the essential components to your shopping cart.

Palisade fencing

Palisade fencing is a frequently chosen option in industrial areas to secure business premises. That's why this type of fencing is often referred to as industrial fencing. This fencing exudes a sense of "stay away," which is often the primary reason for installing fencing. Fenceonline is the go-to source for palisade fencing in any desired color, height, and type. We can complete your project with swing gates, sliding gates, electric operation, or spike strips. We have a solution for all your needs.

Decorative fencing

Decorative fencing is a type of metal fencing that is known for its ornate and artistic designs. It's often used to add a touch of elegance, charm, and visual appeal to properties while serving functional purposes like marking boundaries and providing some level of security. Our decorative fencing is made of metal, is easy to install and suits any front garden.

V mesh fencing

A cost-effective alternative to our twin wire mesh panels is the v mesh panel, also known as 3D fencing in international terms. The latter name derive from the shape of the v mesh panel: the bend, which gives the panel its strength, is characteristic of this type of fencing. V mesh panels are manufactured from galvanized (wire) steel and then coated with a double-layer coating. This provides the fencing with a glossy and smooth surface. These type of metal fence panels are often used for longer distances. You can order individual panels from us or opt for a complete package inlcuding posts and fixing materials through our configurator.

Wooden fencing

In addition to our metal fences, we also offer various types of wooden garden fences. Our fence panels are available in douglas, pine, bamboo and hardwood, providing a more natural appearance compared to metal fencing and creating a pleasant atmosphere in the garden. We offer several variants of fencing, including the commonly used wooden fence panels with diamond-head concrete posts and popular slatted fencing that adds a luxurious touch to the garden. For those desiring a tropical atmosphere, we have bamboo fence panels our assortment. If you prefer a hassle-free experience and wish to receive everything in a complete package, use our configurator. Just fill in a few details and our system will automatically add all the essential products to your shopping cart.

Gabion fencing

Looking for something a bit different than a traditional wooden or metal fence? We have an excellent alternative: you can choose gabion fences. Gabions, also known as stone baskets, provide your garden with a beautiful and unique appearance. The gabions from Fenceonline are easy to assemble, as the fence panels simply slide into the posts (also known as profiles). You can fill the gabion fence with various types of stones, ranging from smaller to larger ones, and choose stones in the colors you desire. It's also possible to fill the gabions with materials like bark for an even more natural look.

Want a bit of both worlds? That's certainly an option too. Combine our wooden or metal fence panels with our gabions, and you'll create a uniquely atmospheric partition in your garden. Our gabions are also available as complete packages with the use of our configurator. In no time, you'll have a beautiful garden fence that is entirely to your liking and provides the privacy you need.

Composite fencing

Looking for a maintenance-free fence? And something unique? Then a composite fence is the perfect choice for you! A composite fence requires minimal maintenance; occasional cleaning is all it needs. The product offers even more advantages compared to, for example, wooden fences. A composite fence is made from recycled wood and recycled plastic, making it an exceptionally sustainable and nature-friendly choice. Additionally, the product doesn't splinter or crack, which can be common with wood. A composite fence remains incredibly sleek. Another positive aspect is the color: while wood is susceptible to discoloration, composite retains its color. A composite fence suits any garden style.

A composite fence is versatile, making it suitable for any garden. Its modern aesthetic has become increasingly popular in modern garden designs. Nevertheless, it also seamlessly complements traditional gardens. Available in a variety of colors, composite effortlessly integrates into more rustic styles as well.


For any type of gate, made of wood or metal, you've come to the right place. At Fenceonline, you can choose from a wide selection of gates, including:

Garden Gates

We offer garden gates in various styles and materials. We offer suitable gates for our twin wire mesh fencing and our decorative fencing.

Driveway (sliding) gates

Larger gates designed to secure driveways and provide access for vehicles. They can be single or double gates and come in various materials, such as metal or wood. We also offer premium sliding gates. You can choose between automatic or manual sliding gates.

Wooden Gates

Wooden gates are popular for their natural and classic look. Fenceonline offers various types of wooden garden gates in its assortment. For every type of fence, we have a suitable wooden garden door, made from douglas wood to pine wood.

Metal Gates

Our metal gates are durable and provide a sleek and modern appearance, matching our metal fence panels. Our metal gates are made from galvanized steel and finished with a powder coating. For an elegant look, we also offer decorative metal gates.

Sports field fencing

We specialize in supplying fencing solutions tailored for football fields, tennis courts, and hockey fields.  At Fenceonline, we take pride in contributing to the creation of safe sports environments. Discover what Fenceonline can do for your sports club, your neighborhood, or even in the comfort of your home.

Fenceonline: Ordering fencing online made easy

Ordering fencing online is incredibly easy with Fenceonline. The vast majority of our products are available from stock, and the delivery time for most items is 5 to 15 working days. This may vary by product, so we have specified the specific delivery time for each product.

Use our configurator

Fenceonline wants to make it as easy as possible for you. We strive for limitless convenience. That's why we have created a configurator to easily order complete fence packages for some commonly chosen products. By entering information about your situation and the desired product, our configurator will calculate all the necessary components for your preferred fencing. With this tool, you can effortlessly customize your ideal fence to suit your needs. You can recognize our configurator by the label "complete package".

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