Gabions are available in different shapes and sizes. Gabions separate your garden or yard with an extra dimension. In addition, it creates a beautiful and cool appearance that brings a lot of atmosphere.

Gabions are becoming increasingly popular. They are also known as stone baskets or wire baskets. Gabions are a unique way of separating a yard or garden. Fenceonline offers gabions filled with stones, these are also called stone baskets.

What is a Gabion?

A gabion is a large basket which consists of steel wires that are welded together. Double wire fence panels are often used for the construction of a gabion. The gabion is then filled with a heavy and solid material. The wire frame in combination with the filling materials ensures stability. The baskets are filled with natural materials and are considered a sustainable investment.

Stone Baskets

Gabions are also often referred to as stone basket fences. With stone baskets, the gabion is filled with stones. The stones for gabions need to have the right size, not too big and not too small. The advantage of stone baskets is that they are maintenance free and very durable due to the use of natural materials. In addition, the steel construction of the gabion is galvanized, making the material resistant to weather influences and rust.

Advantages of a Gabion

The gabions are completely filled with natural materials, the gabions allow little or no insight into the garden. This guarantees privacy. In addition, the gabions are suitable for every garden and fit well with all different architectural styles.

For a unique look in your garden, a Gabion fence is the perfect choice. If you prefer more sleek and modern styles, the stone baskets are also a good choice.

The gabions from Fenceonline are easy to install yourself due to our unique system that is used to construct this type of fencing. Want to know more about this? Then contact us.

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