Gabion fencing

Whether facing challenging environmental conditions, providing security, or enhancing aesthetic appeal, Gabion fencing excels in offering a formidable barrier.

Gabion Fence 

An increasingly popular product within garden enclosures is the 'Gabion fence,' also known as a Gabion stone basket, wire basket, or Gabion fencing. For this type of garden enclosure, you are certainly in the right place with Fenceonline. We have developed our own system consisting of metal posts (also known as profiles) and our own Twin wire mesh panels. The system excels in simplicity and clean lines. You can practically assemble the Gabion fencing system without the need for a manual.

Unique Property Enclosure

Gabion fences are a unique way to fence your garden or property. We offer Gabion fences that can be filled with stones by default, also known as stone baskets. Of course, our Gabion fences can also be filled with other materials.

Gabion fences are not only found in residential front or backyards. The product is used in many other places. The Gabion fence is popular in commercial buildings as a garden fence, but it also strengthens many slopes or transitions on highways. In short, a versatile product that adds a beautiful appearance to various locations.

What is a Gabion fencing?

What exactly is a Gabion fence or stone basket? A Gabion is a large basket made of welded steel wires. The construction of a Gabion fence often involves the use of twin wire mesh fencing. These panels are secured between metal profiles – the posts of the Gabion fence. The Gabion fence can then be filled with sturdy and heavy material. The commonly chosen material for filling is stones, specifically broken stones large enough to stay in the structure. The combination of the basket's construction and the material inside it creates a strong unit. Because the basket is filled with natural materials, a Gabion fence is considered an environmentally friendly garden enclosure.

Stone Baskets

Stone baskets are often referred to as stone basket fences. In stone baskets, the Gabion is filled with stones – the most common choice. The stones for Gabions consist of natural stone fragments. The advantage of stone baskets is that they require little to no maintenance and are very durable due to the use of natural materials. Additionally, the steel construction of the Gabion is galvanized, making the material resistant to weather conditions and rust formation. We also offer the stone baskets in a low option, suitable for delineating a front yard or simply as a decorative element in the garden.

Stone filled Gabion

The most common choice for filling the Gabion is broken stone. Other options include bark or other natural products. The stones come in various colors to match your preferences for the Gabion fence. We offer the stones in the following variants:

  • Ardenne broken stone – for a gray colour
  • Yorkshire broken stone – for a yellow colour
  • Rouge Beige broken stone – for a red colour

For modern homes, the gray variant of stones is often chosen, providing a sleek and modern look that extends into the garden. The red and yellow Gabion stones are popular choices in rural areas or at schools, adding a touch of cheerfulness to the setting.

Why Choose Gabion fencing?

Gabion fencing is a distinctive and versatile fencing solution that seamlessly combines functionality with aesthetic appeal. Crafted from durable materials, typically wire mesh or welded wire baskets filled with stones, gabion fencing offers a unique and modern alternative to traditional fencing options.

This innovative fencing system is characterized by its modular construction, wherein wire baskets are filled with various types of stones, creating a visually striking and natural barrier. The juxtaposition of the rugged stones against the sturdy wire mesh results in a fencing solution that not only serves as a robust boundary but also adds a touch of rustic elegance to any landscape.

The utilization of gabions in fencing provides a multitude of benefits. Firstly, the inherent strength and durability of the materials used ensure a long-lasting and low-maintenance solution. The sturdiness of the wire mesh, combined with the weight and density of the stones, creates a formidable barrier that can withstand the elements and resist potential wear and tear.

Moreover, gabion fencing is highly adaptable to different terrains and can be easily installed on both flat and uneven surfaces. Its flexibility makes it an ideal choice for various settings, including residential properties, commercial spaces, and public areas. The natural aesthetic of the stones, coupled with the customizable options in terms of stone type and color, allows gabion fencing to effortlessly complement its surroundings, adding a touch of sophistication to outdoor spaces.

Beyond its functional attributes, gabion fencing also serves ecological purposes. The use of natural stones promotes environmental sustainability, and the permeable nature of the wire mesh allows for proper water drainage, preventing soil erosion and promoting the health of the surrounding ecosystem.

In summary, gabion fencing stands out as a robust, visually appealing, and environmentally conscious fencing solution. Its unique combination of strength, adaptability, and aesthetics makes it a compelling choice for those seeking a distinctive and effective way to enclose and enhance outdoor spaces.

Installing a Gabion Fencing

Can I install a Gabion fencing or stone basket myself? This is a question we often hear from our customers. Installing a gabion fence or Gabion is, in principle, not a difficult task. The system excels in simplicity, which poses no problem. The materials are not very large or heavy in terms of dimensions. Therefore, self-assembly of the Gabion fence should not be a problem. However, an important aspect of installing a gabion fence should not be overlooked: filling the basket with stones. While this may not be difficult, it is undoubtedly a time consuming task. The stones need to be placed in the basket either by hand or with the help of a bucket. You can certainly do this yourself, but be aware that it will take some time.

Installing a Gabion fence should always be done in conjunction with concrete mortar. Due to the weight of the stones, the Gabion posts need to be securely set in the ground. Use our concrete mortar or quick setting concrete mortar for this purpose.

If you prefer to have your Gabion fence installed, we can assist with that as well. We have skilled installers who can take care of the job in no time. With the right tools and experience, we handle every task efficiently.


There are numerous reasons to choose a gabion fence. One of the main points is personal taste: you must find a Gabion fence visually appealing. Moreover, with creativity, a Gabion fence can serve not only as a garden enclosure but also as a garden fireplace, mailbox, or simply as a decorative element in your garden. The following points are the reasons our customers choose a Gabion:

Gabion fences require no maintenance: 

  • painting, staining, or pruning is not necessary.
  • Self-assembly is possible without specialized tools.
  • Long lifespan: a stone basket does not easily break.
  • Versatility due to various widths, heights, colors, etc.
  • Natural privacy.
  • Matching any situation with various colors of broken stones.
  • There is a variety of reasons to opt for a Gabion.

Options for the Gabion Fence

A Gabion can be further enhanced with several optional items. These are worth considering. The following options are excellent additions to your Gabion fence:

  • Lighting – for a beautiful and cozy atmosphere.
  • Planters – for even more coziness in your garden.

In addition to optional items that enhance the Gabion, we also have some practical options that we can recommend. Some are listed below:

  • Zinc spray – for touch-ups on shortened fence panels.
  • Twin wire mesh panels – the thermally galvanised variant complements the galvanised parts of a Gabion.
  • Tools – find useful tools on our tools page.


How much does a Gabion cost? This is another question we frequently encounter. The price of a Gabion fence depends on several factors, including height, the number of meters required, and whether assembly is desired. In general, a Gabion is often a bit more expensive compared to a regular fence because more materials are needed, such as the stones.

One thing is certain: for the best price-quality ratio of a Gabion, you should choose Fenceonline. Check our website quickly or contact one of our team members.

Questions About a Gabion?

Do you have questions or want advice from our experts before ordering the Gabion fence? Feel free to contact us. Our staff is available by phone every day – and, of course, also by email."