Complete packages

Looking for fencing or a gabion? Then we have the perfect solution for you.

Complete packages from Fenceonline

Looking for a fence or gabion? Then we offer you the perfect solution. Fenceonline has developed a generator with which you can easily order your fence or gabion. The generator asks you for certain information so that we can deliver the right material. You only need to fill in the required information and the rest is arranged for you. How simple can it be?

Garden fences

Fenceonline offers various types of fencing, such as:

  • Double-wire Fencing package
  • 3D/V Mesh Fencing package

We deliver these types of fencing from our stock, so you have a short delivery time of 3 - 5 working days. These fences are first galvanized and then provided with a powder coating. These two treatments ensure that the garden fencing is protected against all weather conditions. All fencing is also offered as a complete package.


Gabions from Fenceonline are available in different types. Gabions for stones are available with a "large mesh". That indicates the space between the bars. This is important for the size of the stones, so that they do not fall out. The systems are designed so that you can easily place the gabions yourself.

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