Metal fence

Metal Fencing is a type of fencing made predominantly from metal materials. It is used for a variety of purposes, including security, privacy, marking boundaries, and enhancing the aesthetics of a property.

Metal fence

Buy metal fencing at Fenceonline!

Metal fence can be purchased at Fenceonline. Are you looking for garden fencing? Then you've come to the right place at Fenceonline. The possibilities in the field of garden fences are endless with us. We offer the widest range of fence panels in the UK. For every garden fencing need, we can provide a solution. The assortment of metal fencing and steel fencing is enormous, and we always have it in stock. Just a selection from our garden fencing:

  • Black fencing – you can choose our twin wire mesh, V-mesh fence panels or palisade fencing
  • High fencing – option for our twin wire mesh fence panels up to 6 meter high
  • Indoor fencing – twin wire mesh fence panels are particularly suitable
  • Sturdy fencing – palisade fencing sections and our 8/6/8 twin wire mesh fence panels are the choice
  • Affordable garden fencing – our variants of mesh fence panels are a good solution
  • Decorative fencing – our collection of decorative fencing certainly has an option for you
  • Quality fencing – the products we offer are predominantly produced in the Netherlands and of top quality

So, if you need fencing, there's no need to look further; Fenceonline can help. Waiting a long time for your fence is not necessary: we deliver your desired fences super fast to your home because we keep all types in stock.

Having a fence installed

Do you want to have your fence installed? You can do that at Fenceonline. Whether it's a decorative addition to your garden or a practical partition, we offer delivery and installation of fences throughout the UK. From 3d mesh fencing to twin wire mesh fencing, we handle it all.

Having a new fence installed in your garden involves more than you might think. That's why you can also come to us to remove old fence panels, excess vegetation, or previous enclosures. Then we install your custom-designed fence, entirely according to your wishes.

The costs of having a fence installed depend on various factors, such as the type of fence panels and the size of your garden. Do you want a clear overview of the costs? Calculate them quickly and easily using the various fence packages.

We are known for our careful finishing. We don't stop until you are completely satisfied with the installed fence. Curious about the projects we have already completed, including V mesh fencing and twin wire mesh fencing? Then take a look at our completed projects and be inspired.

All types of garden fencing at Fenceonline

Whether you're looking for a new garden fencing, securing your business premises, or garden fencing off your pasture, or if you're looking for metal fences, at Fenceonline, we have fencing for your garden as well as garden fencing for a business premises. Fenceonline offers an extensive range of fences used for various purposes. At Fenceonline, we offer the following types of fencing:

The different types of garden fences are applicable in a variety of places and situations. But each type of fences has its own function and appearance. For example, decorative fencing is usually placed in a front garden with the goal of beautifying the garden and marking the property boundary. Vertical bar fencing is often used on industrial estates – for this reason, it is also called industrial fencing. Twin wire mesh fence panels of the Ø 6/5/6 variant are common in residential houses. The height of 180 centimeters of garden fencing in the backyard, 100 or 120 centimeters in the front garden.

Metal fencing is usually used to demarcate pastures. Sound barrier fencing can be found along highways, around sports fields, and also around houses to shield air conditioning units, for example. Sports field fencing need no explanation, in our opinion. According to us, the most versatile is the twin wire mesh fence panels. Due to its properties such as strength, neatness, durability, and availability in many height sizes, you can see this product literally everywhere. Buy garden fencing at Fenceonline.

Twin wire mesh fence panels

At Fenceonline, we offer twin wire mesh fence panels, fences that have a luxurious and sleek appearance. This garden fencing is literally used everywhere: always the same fencing, adapted to the situation by wire thickness, color, and height, for example. Dog fields, along the railway, and in the garden. In your garden, you add a modern and attractive atmosphere. At business premises, it ensures safety. Due to the openings, the so-called mesh, this fencing is very suitable for letting plants grow on it. Also, with this type of metal fencing, you maintain an open garden: you can see through the wire mesh panels. Ivy (also called hedera) and clematis are examples of plants that can be combined very nicely with this type of metal fencing in your garden. This type of metal fencing can also be combined with braiding tape, for give your house more privacy.

V mesh fence panels

Diversify your fencing options with V mesh fencing, an affordable and reliable alternative available in the Fenceonline range. These fence panels offer a cost-effective solution by utilizing less material and thinner wires while maintaining strength through a strategically designed bend in the fencing. Primarily used in applications like pastures, residential houses. Its versatility makes it a practical and budget-friendly option for those looking to secure their outdoor spaces. At Fenceonline, we're committed to providing a diverse range of fencing solutions, ensuring you find the perfect match for your specific needs and preferences.

Decorative fence panels

For exquisite decorative fencing solutions. Renowned for our diverse selection, we specialize in offering a range of elegant and classic forms that transcend mere functionality. Our decorative fencing, including popular designs such as Sagitta, Aurora, Sol, Vesta, and Ceres, combines timeless aesthetics with the durability of wrought iron. At Fenceonline, we understand that your garden deserves more than just a boundary—it deserves a statement piece. Our decorative fencing not only safeguards your space but also enhances its visual appeal, creating a harmonious blend of form and function.

Mesh Fencing

At Fenceonline, we excel in mesh fencing. Mesh fencing is a cost-effective option commonly used to cover large distances with fencing. At Fenceonline, we offer various types of mesh fencing. You can choose from metal fence panels, chainlink mesh, garden mesh, or mesh panels. If you prefer a green and natural garden with unobtrusive yet affordable fencing, garden mesh might be the ideal solution for you. This fencing integrates perfectly into the garden and is also suitable for growing light climbing plants. Chainlink mesh is a sturdy fencing often used in sports fields, while mesh panels are frequently used between fences.

Chainlink fencing

Chainlink fence is an economical option that is often used to provide large distances with garden fence. At Fenceonline, we have different types of garden fencing. You can choose from Chainlink fence, Vertical fence, decorative fence, Twin wire mesh or V mesh fence. Do you love a green and natural garden with fence panels that doesn't stand out and is also economical? Then Chainlink fence may be an ideal solution. The Chainlink fence integrates perfectly into the garden and is also very suitable for letting light climbing plants grow on it. Chainlink fence is a sturdy garden fencing often used on house fence, sport filed, industrial, school and for small animal cage.

Palisade fencing

Elevate your security game with our robust and imposing Palisade fencing, also known as Vertical bar sections, featured prominently in our extensive range. Designed for durability and a formidable aesthetic, these metal fences are synonymous with strength. Widely recognized as industrial security fencing, Palisade fencing is the go-to choice for industrial estates and areas surrounding parking lots. Is not just a visual statement but a practical choice, making it a preferred option for those seeking a balance between strength and style. Explore our dedicated Vertical bar fencing page to select from a variety of metal fencing options. Our collection includes palisade fences with round bars, square bars, and special bars featuring spikes or a smooth top—tailoring the metal fencing to your specific security and aesthetic preferences.

Gabion fencing

Discover a unique and stylish fencing solution with our Gabion fence panels at Fenceonline. Gabion fences offer a distinctive blend of natural aesthetics, strength, and longevity, making them a standout choice for UK backyards. The traditional wire baskets filled with a variety of stone colors create a garden fence that not only exudes a rustic charm but also allows for a view-through experience. To elevate the luxury quotient, we now offer Gabion fences with wire fence panels, adding both security and sophistication to your outdoor space. The sturdy construction ensures durability, while the choice of stone colors provides an ideal match for different garden designs. Strike the perfect balance between openness and privacy with our Gabion fence panels, a resilient and eye-catching addition to any garden.

Solution sound protections

For solution sound protection – the Noisecare fencing, available at Fenceonline. Our Noisecare products, also known as sound barriers, offer an effective and aesthetic way to address noise concerns in various environments. Whether it's the constant hum of highways, the bustling activity around school buildings, or the energetic sounds from sports facilities like paddle courts, unwanted noise is a challenge. Installed along highways, around school buildings, government offices, schools, office buildings, hospitals, and even in private residences, Noisecare fencing serves as a reliable partition. This type of garden fence has become increasingly popular for its ability to create a peaceful oasis, serving as a barrier between spaces and reducing noise transfer. The result is a tranquil environment, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space without being disturbed by external sounds.

Sports field fencing

Around every sports field, there is fencing. Hockey, football, and tennis, fencing is necessary to keep the ball on the field and also convenient for the public. In paddle, the fencing even becomes part of the sport. At Fenceonline, we have fencing for all sports. We can deliver this easily, but we also do the assembly of fencing. From high fence panels like a ball catcher to the perimeter fence of a hockey club, Fenceonline offers a solution.

Garden fencing as a partition

Discover the perfect metal fence solution for your garden partition at Fenceonline. Whether you're seeking enhanced privacy, defining property lines, or minimizing maintenance, our steel fences offer a versatile and durable option. Some choose a metal fence to create a secluded oasis in their garden, while others use it to clearly demarcate their property boundaries. One of the distinct advantages of opting for a metal fence is its low maintenance requirements—no need for painting or pruning. Unlike traditional wooden fences, our metal fences are lightweight, making assembly more manageable while maintaining strength and durability. At Fenceonline, we take pride in offering a range of steel fences designed to meet various needs. Whether you're drawn to the sleek and modern look or appreciate the practicality of minimal maintenance.

Security fencing

Elevate the security of your property or premises with our robust metal fencing options designed for safety and strength. Whether you prioritize the durability of Twin wire mesh fence panels, the formidable security provided by V wire mesh fencing, the classic strength of Vertical bar fencing, or the decorative touch of our decorative fencing, we offer a range of choices to suit your security needs. Our metal fences are available in various heights, with options reaching up to 240 centimeters. If you have specific height requirements, feel free to inquire about custom possibilities; we are committed to tailoring our solutions to meet your security specifications. Additionally, our security fences are equipped with spikes strategically placed on the fencing, creating a deterrent for unauthorized access. These small points make it more challenging to climb over the fence, adding a hindering and delaying effect that significantly increases the safety of your garden and home.

Fence configurator

Ordering fencing can be tricky if you don't do this every day. Because, which products do you need exactly? Are you not ordering too much? At Fenceonline, we understand that and we also have the solution immediately: order a complete package with our fence configurator.

How does it work?

At Fenceonline, we aim for convenience, limitless convenience. And we're not just focusing on delivering the products to your home or installing the fence you ordered. No, we mainly focus on the process before that: ordering all the necessary products. How do we do this? Through our configurator. With this, anyone - from layman to expert - can order fencing without the risk of forgetting products or ordering too little. We explain step by step below how it works.

  • Step 1: Open the configurator for your desired product on the correct page of Fenceonline.
  • Step 2: Fill in the variables that apply to your fencing preferences such as height, wire thickness, color, type of post, number of meters needed, attachment with or without concrete, any fence gates, and the choice for installation.
  • Step 3: Each choice comes with images: check your selection again for completeness.
  • Step 4: Click on "Add to cart".
  • Step 5: Complete your order by entering your details and completing the payment process - you will receive an order confirmation by email immediately.

In this way, you order your metal fencing in a maximum of two minutes with the guarantee that you won't miss anything.

Still need help? Our experts are ready to assist you at our customerservice.

Advantages of a complete package

Fast, certain, cheap, those are the advantages of our configurator. With a few clicks, you have the guarantee that you won't miss any products. And with a discount on your total order amount - the discount is automatically calculated.

Automatic discount on your fencing

Ordering fence panels quickly and easily without making a mistake. That is a big advantage. However, we offer an additional benefit when you order your products via our configurator: a discount on your order. A reduction is automatically made on the price you have to pay for your fencing based on your order amount. The more you order, the lower the price. Take advantage of it today.

Complete fencing package

Experience the simplicity of securing your space with our comprehensive fencing packages at Fenceonline. Our garden fences are designed for easy customization and straightforward self-installation, providing you with a hassle-free solution for your metal fencing needs. Complete packages, delivered will directly to your doorstep. There's no need to search for additional materials or worry about missing components. Our configurator can assist you in customizing your fence by adjusting variables such as height, number of meters, and color. This intuitive tool takes care of the rest, ensuring a seamless and error-free configuration process. Make the process of securing your space a breeze with Fenceonline's complete fencing packages.

Still need help? Our experts are ready for you, please contact us.

Garden gate

Complete your fencing solution with our perfectly matched garden gates at Fenceonline. We understand the importance of a secure and stylish entrance to your garden or property, and our range of garden gates is designed to complement your chosen fence precisely. Our selection includes garden gates that align seamlessly with various fence types, ensuring a cohesive and harmonious look for your outdoor space. Each gate is crafted to match the design, materials, and color of its corresponding fence, providing not only a secure closure but also an elegant and sturdy entrance. Among our popular choices is the twin wire mesh garden gate, specifically designed to complement our Twin wire mesh fence and V mesh fence panels. This gate not only ensures a consistent aesthetic but also offers durability and reliability for your peace of mind.

The fencing gates from Fenceonline are offered at the same height as we offer the fences. The desired width can also be chosen.

Fence parts

Whether you are installing a new fence or repairing an existing fence, at Fenceonline we have a wide range of fence parts to help you. Our fence brackets are perfect for securely attaching your fence, while our caps protect your metal posts from weather influences. For extra privacy, we offer braided tape that can be easily attached to your fence, this PVC tape is available in all standard colors and with different patterns. Our base plates ensure stability of your fence posts, while our connectors ensure that everything fits seamlessly. And for extra security, we also have barbed wire available. With our high-quality fence parts, you can customize your fence and ensure that it not only looks good but is also safe and functional!

Discover the possibilities

Do you want to know more about the possibilities of our fences for the garden? Feel free to contact one of our advisors. They are happy to take the time for you to dispel all your uncertainties so that you make the right choice for your new fence!

Installing fencing yourself

Are you handy and do you like working with your hands? Then it is possible to install your fence yourself. With a little support from friends or family and the instructions from Fenceonline, you can install your own fence. A good preparation is half the work, and with the right steps, you ensure that your fence is sturdy and durable. For a detailed step-by-step plan, you can consult our manual for installing Twin wire mesh fencing, but to get you started, here is a clear overview to install Twin wire mesh fencing yourself:

1. Preparation: Level the ground and make enough workspace available. Determine the starting point of your fencing, which is essential for consistency in dimensions. Use the center-to-center measurement* to determine the distance between the posts, with each fence panel overlapping about 1 cm per post.

2. Setting out: Stretch a wire between picket stakes along the line where the fencing should come. Decide on the placement of cover plates and the direction of the posts, with the bolts ideally not on the outside.

3. Placing fence posts: Dig or drill the first hole (30 x 30 cm) and place the first fence post level and tight against the stretched wire. Make sure the fence post is at least 5 cm above ground level and use quick-drying concrete for stability, especially for fence panels higher than 1 meter. Repeat this for each fence post, and let the concrete cure well.

4. Assembling fencing: Carefully measure the distance for the next hole, place the second post, and attach the fencing to the mounting brackets. Make sure everything hangs level and adjust if necessary. Attach the metal fence panels to the first fence post with bolts and place the cover plate.

5. Completion: After installing the first section o metalf fencing, carefully measure the distance for the rest of the fence posts. Hang the fences one by one and secure them with bolts. Finish everything with the cover plates and the hex key. Place the fence post caps on the fence posts.