Decorative fence panel Sol | Black | Width 200 cm

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Decorative fence panel Sol 2 meters wide
Decorative fence panel Sol | Black | Width 200 cm
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Decorative fence panel Sol is its unique feature of elegant rings, These graceful rings are designed to be effortlessly attached to the fence, allowing you to customize the look and feel of your outdoor area. With a diameter of Ø13.5 cm, the decorative rings create a delightful visual appeal, captivating all who behold them. Using high-quality materials, the Sol Fence guarantees durability and longevity. Whether you use it to border your garden, patio, or any other outdoor area, the Sol Decorative Fence Panel will stand as a statement piece that complements your style.

For fence panels with a height of 100 cm, the Sol decorative fence post measures 160 cm in length. This length provides the necessary support and ensures that your fence stands securely. At our production lies the use of heavy-duty steel, ensuring each panel's durability and strength. We prioritize quality, and every fence panel undergoes a smooth hot dip galvanization process, providing robust protection against corrosion and the elements. To further enhance their longevity, each panel is finished with a hard-wearing powder coating. This not only adds an additional layer of protection but also bestows a sleek and elegant appearance, elevating the overall aesthetic of your outdoor space.

The Decorative Fence Panel Sol is offered in two different heights, allowing you to choose between 100 cm and 120 cm, depending on your specific needs and preferences. Both options ensure privacy, security, and a stunning visual appeal to suit various property styles and requirements. For a sophisticated touch, the panels are gracefully finished in black color, RAL 9005. This rich hue effortlessly complements any surroundings, adding a touch of sophistication and allure to your fencing. 

Product Features

Steel has the property of rusting before it is galvanized. For this reason, the steel products used outdoors have undergone treatments to prevent this. This also applies to our fencing panels, posts and gates, such as the wire mesh fencing. The steel products are galvanized to prevent rust from occurring. These products are then provided with a coating layer: this offers extra protection and makes the product even more attractive, so to speak. This allows you to adjust the product in terms of color to the situation and your personal wishes. Coated steel has a long service life and is therefore a sustainable choice.

Scratches on the coating

Scratches may occur on the coated parts during mounting or during transport. Because the coated products have a zinc layer, which alloys as soon as there is a scratch or damage to the surface, the product will not rust if the coating is damaged. You can easily remove the scratch with a professional spray can. These are available in the colors of the fence and you will receive one with your order.

Upgrade your property with the Sol decorative fence panel, and experience the perfect blend of durability, elegance, and functionality. Whether for residential or commercial use, these fence panels will stand the test of time and become an enduring feature of your outdoor space.

Please be informed! this type of product order does not include other necessary items for completing the fence installation. 

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Width 200 cm
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