General questions

How many years of guarantee is there on a garden partition from Fenceonline?

Our products are made of top quality materials using some of the most advanced production techniques and are treated very carefully to provide you with the best quality. Our products have a standard warranty of 10 years. If you have suffered damage to your Fenceonline product within the warranty, we will provide a repair or replacement free of charge. Click here to read more about this warranty.

My garden partition is broken, what do I do now?

We strive to deliver all our products in top condition by handling them very carefully. Do you have a defective product from Fenceonline? Then contact us. We will help you as soon as possible.

Can I return a garden partition from Fenceonline?

Did you order the wrong product or are you not satisfied with your product from Fenceonline?

Then you can return the product within 14 days of purchasing without giving any reason.

The full order amount will then be refunded to your account. Click here to read how to return the products.

How can I reach customer service?

Our customer service department is at your disposal from Monday to Friday from 7:00 am to 4:00pm to answer all your questions and help you further. Do you have a question or would you like advice? Then please send an e-mail to

Are the prices listed inclusive or exclusive of VAT?

The prices listed on the site includes VAT.

How is my order delivered to me?

Our products are packed neatly and placed where necessary on a pallet, so the chance of damage is very limited. We have a reliable delivery partner who delivers your order to the desired location. Our experienced delivery staff are very careful and will deliver the products to your home.

What is the complaints procedure of Fenceonline?

Are you not satisfied with our products or do you have a complaint? Please make this known to us as soon as possible. Click here to read how you can submit your complaint.

Is it also possible to have a garden product installed?

Fenceonline does not have a installation teams. Our products are designed in such a way that it is fairly easy for you to install them yourself. A manual with the order is also included, which describes in detail how the garden fence/gate should be installed.

Local fencing contractors and landscaping companies would be able to install your fence at your request.
Do you have questions?

Feel free to contact us. We are always happy to help you!

Are you coming to measure the products?

Fenceonline does not measure on location. To help you in ordering the right dimensions of the product, you can use our configurator "complete package".

Here you only need to specify the desired size and our configurator will then calculate how much material you need.
If you doubt the calculation or do you have questions?

Feel free to contact one of our advisers or ask your question via chat.

Can colour differences occur with the same type of products?

Every product is unique, so it is possible that there is a colour difference in the same type of products. Because some products come from different productions, color differences can occur in the production process. Fenceonline strives to ensure that this colour difference is minimal.
Do you experience a large colour difference in the products you have received? Please contact our customer service team.


What are the shipping costs?

Fenceonline delivers from Cheshire.

Below you can see the delivery costs:

- Standard shipping costs in for Parcels/Packages are £ 15
- When the order has to be sent by truck because of the size and / or weight, the shipping costs for the UK are £ 85.
- With an order over £750, We will deliver free of charge.

When will my order be delivered?

As soon as we have received your order, you will receive a confirmation email from us stating the delivery date and the time as to when it will be delivered.
If the designated delivery date does not suit you then please contact us.

What is the delivery time of my order?

We deliver the order within 5 to 10 working days at the desired address. Some products have a different delivery times and are clearly stated on the product page. Our delivery times are only on working days. Before the delivery you will receive a message from us, in which we will let you know which day your order will be delivered.

I have provided a wrong delivery address, what should I do?

If the completed delivery address is not the correct address, please contact our customer service as soon as possible.

We will then change the order for you, so that your order is delivered to the correct address.

What are the payment options?

Fenceonline offers the following payment options: Paypal, V-pay, Visa, Maestro & Mastercard.