Wire mesh fencing

Mesh fencing is a popular type of fence. It is often used in the garden or to fence in some land to keep animals. Mesh fences offer many advantages and are very affordable.

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  1. Garden fence roll of 10 & 25 meters
    Garden fence roll of 10 & 25 meters
    • Roll of 10 & 25 meters
    • 3 different heights
    • Color green
    As low as 19.95
  2. Ronde paal
    Round post length 200 cm
    • Suitable for many purposes but pre-eminently for our garden mesh
    • Diameter of  6 cm

  3. Barbed wire 250 meters
    Barbed wire 250 meters
    • Available in 2 different  colors
    • Roll of 250 meters
    As low as 79.95
  4. Barbed wire 200 meters galvanized
    Barbed wire 200 meters galvanized
    • Available in the color galvanized
    • Roll of 200 meters
  5. Thread tensioner large
    Thread tensioner large
    • Thread tensioner large is used with barbed wire
    • Available in 3 different  colors
  6. Thread tensioner small
    Thread tensioner small
    • Thread tightener small is used with bracing wire
    • Available in 3 different colors
  7. Tie wire 100 meters
    Tie wire 100 meters
    • Available in 2 different  colors
    • With this you can tie up mesh
    • Role of 100 meters
  8. Bracing wire 110 meters
    Bracing wire 110 meters
    • Available in 2 different colors
    • With this you can tension barbed wire
    • Role of 110 meters
    As low as 24.95

8 Items

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What is mesh fencing?

The mesh fence of Fenceonline is made from garden mesh attached to round garden posts. The wire mesh panels are made of steel wires that are welded together. The way the wires are welded together creates the so-called mesh. The wire mesh panels from Fenceonline provide a standard mesh size of 10x7.5 cm. Fenceonlone offers green mesh fences in two different heights: 1m and 1.2m. The mesh fencing comes on a 25m roll.

Note: The size of the mesh can differ between different mesh sections.

Mesh fence for your garden

Wire mesh can be a perfect way to separate your garden from the outside world. In addition, Fenceonline's garden fencing is often used to fence in land for keeping animals. This wire mesh fencing is not only used for fencing of land. The mesh fence can also be used on walls. By simply mounting the mesh on a wall, you create the perfect environment for climbing plants. They will weave through the mesh as they grow and cover the wall.

Benefits of mesh fencing

Fenceonline's garden fences offer many advantages for you as a consumer. For example, a mesh fence is one of the cheapest garden fences. The fence consists of fine wire, making it very easy to cut the mesh panels to size. In addition, the fence is very easy to install yourself.

Install your wire mesh fence yourself

The garden fence can easily be placed in your garden yourself. For the installation you need the following parts:

  • Round garden posts to which the mesh panel is attached
  • Wire clips
  • Optional: Kongcrete installation kit small, Kongcrete installation kit large, concrete mortar or quick concrete to anchor the posts even more firmly in the ground

More information

If you would like more advice about our mesh fencing before you place your order, then our consultants have years of experience and are happy to answer all your questions. Contact us now or ask your question via chat.