Mesh fencing

Mesh fencing is a popular barrier used for many purposes. It's commonly seen as a garden fence or to enclose a pasture or an animal pen. Mesh fencing offers many benefits and is very affordable.

Mesh fencing

Mesh Fencing

Mesh fencing is available at Fenceonline. We offer a wide variety of mesh options, and all products are always in stock. Mesh fencing is a popular way to separate gardens and is often used for various purposes such as garden separation, enclosing a pasture, or fencing in an animal enclosure. Mesh fencing offers several advantages and is also very affordable.

Different Types of Mesh Fencing

At Fenceonline, we offer several types of mesh fencing:

  • Garden Mesh - one type of mesh fencing from Fenceonline consists of garden mesh attached to round garden posts. This makes the fencing easy to install and exceptionally sturdy.
  • Chain Link Mesh - another option is chain link mesh, which is metal wire mesh coated with plastic. Chain link mesh is mounted on metal posts.
  • Mesh Panels - this product is made of welded steel wires framed within a wooden frame. Mesh panels are often used in combination with wood-concrete fences.

Garden Mesh

Garden mesh from Fenceonline comes in rolls of 10 or 25 meters. This mesh is particularly used to fence off large pieces of land, such as in rural areas or on farms. It is also commonly used to create animal enclosures. Many gardens are equipped with a house made of garden mesh for rabbits or chickens. Garden mesh is cost-effective, quick to install, and lightweight. Our garden mesh is available in green and grey colours and can be attached to round wooden posts.

Chain Link Mesh

Chain link mesh is a popular choice at Fenceonline. This product is used to fence off large plots of land or to cover long distances, such as in industrial areas. At Fenceonline, we offer chain link mesh in two colour options: green (RAL 6009) and black (RAL 9005). Mesh fencing is available in several heights, including:

  • 100 centimetres
  • 125 centimetres
  • 150 centimetres
  • 180 centimetres
  • 200 centimetres

Mesh Panels

Another versatile product in the Fenceonline range is mesh panels. Mesh panels are used with various products to add variation to the chosen garden fence. They are commonly used with wood-concrete fences or gabion baskets. Mesh panels maintain visibility through a garden fence and can also support the growth of greenery, such as ivy.

Advantages of Mesh Fencing 

Mesh fences from Fenceonline offer several advantages:

  • Mesh fencing is one of the cheapest garden fences.
  • Easy to customize due to the fine mesh structure.
  • Simple self-installation.
  • Lightweight and easy to transport.

Various types of mesh panels.

In our range, you'll find mesh panels in different colours. Choose a natural wooden finish or green-coloured mesh. For a modern look, opt for black mesh fencing. Mesh panel frames are available in Douglas fir, pine, and black pine wood. These can be ordered alongside your wooden fence.

Mesh Fencing

Mesh fencing is not only a perfect way to separate your lawn from the outside world or to fence off pastures and other pieces of land, but it can also be used to cover walls or fences with vegetation. By mounting the mesh on the wall, it's possible to grow plants on it. Climbing plants will grow up through the mesh fencing, creating a more natural green garden. Alternatively, you can choose to install a mesh panel fence around your garden and place climbing plants against it. This way, you create a green property boundary that offers sufficient privacy.

With various heights of mesh fencing available, there's a mesh fence suitable for every situation.

Installing Your Mesh Fence

You can easily install your mesh fence with the help of Fenceonline. For installation, you'll need the following components:

  • Round garden posts to which the mesh panel will be attached.
  • Wire staples.
  • Optional: concrete or quick-setting concrete to secure the posts more firmly into the ground.

With these components, you can easily install your mesh fence yourself, giving you privacy in your garden in no time.

For installing chain link mesh, you'll need metal posts and mesh. However, you'll also need several other small components. Check our product page for chain link mesh for more information.

Other Types of Fencing

If you're not interested in mesh fencing but are looking for another type of fencing, Fenceonline also offers twin wiremesh fencing, v mesh fencing, and decorative fencing.

Buying Mesh Fencing

Would you like more advice before deciding to buy mesh fencing from Fenceonline? Our advisors have years of experience and are ready to answer all your questions. Contact us or ask your question via the chat function. We'll deliver the mesh fencing directly to your home, making it easy for you to install it yourself. Can't decide from our range? Get more inspiration here!