Single garden gate | Professional | Width 100 cm

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Single garden gate Professional 100 cm wide
Single garden gate | Professional | Width 100 cm
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The Single Garden Gate offered by Fenceonline is a practical and versatile solution for securing and enhancing the entrance to your garden or backyard. With a width of 100 cm wide, the gate's construction is made from twin wire mesh, which consists of two layers of wires connected at regular intervals, providing exceptional strength and durability. The horizontal wires are 8 mm thick, while the vertical wires are slightly thinner at 6 mm. This specific combination ensures a sturdy gate that can withstand various weather conditions. The twin wire mesh design not only adds to the gate's robustness but also enhances its aesthetic appeal, blending seamlessly with different garden styles. Its unobtrusive appearance allows the gate to complement the surrounding landscape without becoming an overwhelming focal point.

One of the main advantages of this garden gate is its adaptability to different heights. This means you have the flexibility to choose the appropriate height that suits your specific needs. Whether you want a taller gate for added security or a lower one to maintain an open view of your garden, the Single Garden Gate from Fenceonline can accommodate your preferences.

Furthermore, the gate's installation process is very easy, making it a convenient choice for install yourself. It comes with easy-to-follow instructions and all the necessary hardware for swift and trouble-free assembly.

When purchasing from Fenceonline, you can rest assured of the gate's quality and authenticity. Fenceonline is renowned for offering top-notch fencing and garden products, with a track record of customer satisfaction and excellent service.

The Single Walking Gate Professional offered by Fenceonline is a high-quality and well-designed gate that provides a secure and aesthetically pleasing entryway. It consists of the following essential parts:

  • Two Gate Posts : The gate posts serve as the main support structure for the gate. They are typically made from durable and weather-resistant materials such as steel or aluminum, ensuring stability and longevity.
  • A Wing with twin wire 8/6/8 welded : The wing of the gate refers to the main panel or door that swings open and closed. In this case, it features a filling made from twin wire  mesh with varying wire thickness. The horizontal wires have a thickness of 8 mm, while the vertical wires have a thickness of 6 mm, and again 8 mm for the horizontal wires. This construction provides enhanced strength and security, making it difficult to breach the gate.
  • An Aluminum Lock Case : The aluminum lock case is a crucial component of the gate's locking mechanism. It houses the lock, which secures the gate in a closed position. Aluminum is chosen for its lightweight yet robust properties, offering a reliable and smooth operation of the locking system.
  • An Aluminum Lock Catch : The aluminum lock catch complements the lock case and enables the gate to securely latch onto the corresponding part of the gate post when closed. This ensures the gate remains closed and provides additional security.
  • Caps posts : Cover caps are the finishing touch for the gate posts. They are placed on top of the posts and serve both an aesthetic and protective purpose. Aesthetically, they give the gate a clean and polished appearance. On the protective side, they prevent water from entering the hollow part of the posts, which could lead to corrosion.

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Diameter posts 6 x 6 cm
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