Single garden gate | Professional | Width 100 cm

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Single garden gate Professional 100 cm wide
Single garden gate | Professional | Width 100 cm
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As low as 449.95


Single garden gate with twin wire mesh 8/6/8 mm 100 cm wide

A single twin wire mesh 8/6/8 gate fits perfectly with a twin wire mesh 8/6/8 fence. The gate is a sturdy and strong twinwire mesh gate that is universally applicable in any garden. The twin wire mesh filling of this pedestrian gate consists of horizontal wires of 8 mm thickness and vertical wires of 6 mm thickness welded together. The posts of the single twinwire mesh 8/6/8 professional gate are 6 x 6 cm and extend 80 cm beyond the height of the wing. The steel of the posts has a thickness of 2 millimeters. The single twin wire mesh gate with a width of 100 centimeters has a modern and robust construction, ensuring optimal strength and safety.

The professional single gate at Fenceonline is first thermally galvanized and then powder coated. Combined with the aluminum lock case and latch, the chance of rust formation is extremely small (virtually nil), and the gates are optimally protected against weather conditions. This results in high-quality durability.

The single pedestrian gate professional at Fenceonline consists of the following components:

Two gate posts A wing with twin wire mesh 8/6/8 filling An aluminum lock case An aluminum latch Post caps The child lock at Fenceonline is also suitable as an option for all twin wire mesh 8/6/8 pedestrian gates. The hydraulic gate closer is only suitable for the single twin wire mesh 8/6/8 gate with a width of 100 cm. If you want to increase the privacy of your garden, you can purchase weave strips and weave them between the meshes in the wing filling. We recommend also purchasing clips for the weave strips. This way, you create a solid twin wire mesh gate.

Dimensions of single professional garden gates

The single professional garden gates are available in three different widths: 100 cm, 125 cm, and 150 cm. Important dimensions of the Professional gate:

  • 92 cm - Wing width.
  • 94 cm - Passage between posts (this measurement takes into account the latch, where the gate falls into.
  • This is subtracted from the passage width)
  • 112 cm - the total width of the passage, including the posts.
  • 6 cm - the width per post
  • The complete width of the gate including hinges and gate posts - 112 cm - is visually shown in the manual.

Difference between Premium and Professional pedestrian gate

We have two types of twin wire mesh pedestrian gates in our assortment: the premium and the professional twin wire mesh gate. Below, we list some of the key differences between the two variants of the gates:

The wire mesh filling of the professional pedestrian gate has a wire thickness of 8/6/8. In the premium pedestrian gate, the wire thickness is 6/5/6. The latch and lock case of the professional pedestrian gate are made of aluminum. In the premium pedestrian gate, the lock is mounted in the gate post. The hinges of the professional pedestrian gate are attached to the outside of the post. This gives the wing a 180-degree swing radius. In the premium gate, the hinge is on the inside of the post. This has a swing radius of 90 degrees. The professional pedestrian gate is thermally galvanized. The premium gate is sendzimir galvanized. Both gates are equipped with a twin wire mesh infill and are therefore extremely strong.

Options for twin wire mesh pedestrian gate

The single professional garden gate at Fenceonline combines excellently with the twin wire mesh fence, especially twinwire mesh with an 8/6/8 wire thickness. The twin wire mesh gate, together with the twin wire mesh fence, provides a modern and robust finish where strength and safety are of utmost importance. We deliver the gate complete to your home so that you only have to assemble it. For optimal strength, we recommend placing the gate in the ground using (quick) concrete from Fenceonline. It is also possible to place the gate on base plates. For this purpose, the base plate for gate from Fenceonline is excellent. Don't forget to order the self-drilling screws for attaching the gate post to the base plate.

We do not provide material for ground mounting with the base plates: every situation is different, and therefore, we cannot provide a standard solution. Of course, you can ask us about the possibilities for attaching the twin wire mesh gate 8/6/8 in the ground.

Advice or questions?

If you have any questions about the twin wire mesh pedestrian gate, please contact one of our employees. We are available daily by phone or email. No questions? You can easily buy your single garden gate 8/6/8 online from us. We deliver everything complete to your home at the desired time. Would you like to receive more information about a fence and a corresponding gate? Feel free to contact us.


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Diameter posts 6 x 6 cm
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