Fast Setting Concrete 25 KG

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Fast Setting Concrete 25 KG
Fast Setting Concrete 25 KG


If you want to securely install your fence or fence posts, you can use quick-setting concrete mortar for posts. Quick-setting concrete mortar dries in about fifteen minutes. Our concrete mortar is a factory-made and ready-to-use dry mortar based on cement and chloride-free accelerators. With a 25kg bag of quick-setting concrete mortar for posts, you'll get approximately 13 liters of wet mortar. The concrete mortar is weatherproof and frost-resistant.

For quick-setting concrete mortar, about 3.2 liters of water is needed per 25 kg bag. When pouring, it's important to dig a hole in the right place and with the desired dimensions. Then, you fill the hole halfway with water. Place the post in the middle and fill the hole evenly with the quick-setting concrete mortar without mixing it. Immediately after filling, lift the post slightly so that the mortar also gets underneath the post. Any remaining dry mortar should be sprayed with water, and then the surface should be tapped to remove trapped air. Adjust the post to the desired position and check it after about 2 minutes, depending on the conditions. Correct the position if necessary to level the post. If the post is in the correct position, the poured concrete surface can be finished smoothly right away.


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