Bamboo fence | Width 180 cm | Galvanised frame

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Bamboo fence | Width 180 cm | Galvanised frame
Bamboo fence | Width 180 cm | Galvanised frame
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Environmentally Friendly & Sustainable

Bamboo is a rapidly growing plant species, and after harvesting the bamboo poles without roots, it regrows very quickly. The bamboo used is, therefore, a renewable resource. Additionally, bamboo poles share the same characteristics as tropical hardwood and will not decay. As a result, these screens have a very long lifespan.

The bamboo fence imparts a tropical character to any garden. The beautiful combination of bamboo poles with galvanized steel gives your garden a tropical and distinctive look. Bamboo fence panels consist of a frame of galvanized steel profiles filled with a row of bamboo poles. The bamboo poles are placed somewhat staggered, making the bamboo fence nearly 'visually impermeable.' This means you not only enjoy the delightful tropical ambiance in your garden but also have added privacy, thanks to the bamboo fences!


Over time, due to various weather conditions, the bamboo poles may become slightly duller and lighter in color. They may also split vertically over time. However, the screens retain their natural appearance. If desired, you can treat the screens with a clear varnish to provide extra protection for the bamboo poles and restore their original color and luster.


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