Noise barrier | Double gate

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Double gate noise barrier
Noise barrier | Double gate
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As low as 3,900.00


Noise Barrier Double Gate from

Enhance the tranquility and privacy of your outdoor space with the Noise Barrier Double Gate, exclusively available from Designed with your peace of mind in mind, this gate serves as an effective solution to minimize noise disturbances while adding functionality and style to your property.

Key Features:

  1. Noise Reduction: The Noise Barrier Double Gate is engineered to provide an effective noise reduction solution, ensuring a quieter and more peaceful environment. It's the perfect choice for properties located near busy roads, industrial areas, or other sources of unwanted noise.

  2. Double Gate Design: The double gate configuration not only provides a stylish and symmetrical entry to your property but also allows for easy and convenient access for vehicles and pedestrians. This design enhances both the aesthetics and functionality of your outdoor space.

  3. High-Quality Construction: Crafted with durability in mind, this gate is built from premium materials that can withstand the elements and the test of time. It's designed to maintain its performance and appearance over the long term.

  4. Tailored Options: offers customization options to ensure that the Noise Barrier Double Gate complements your property's unique style and needs. Choose from various heights, materials, and finishes to match your specific requirements.

  5. Privacy and Security: Beyond its noise reduction capabilities, this gate also enhances your property's privacy and security. It's a practical solution for maintaining peace and keeping your outdoor space secure.

The Noise Barrier Double Gate from is your gateway to a more serene and private outdoor environment. With its noise-reducing features, double gate design, high-quality construction, and customizable options, this gate provides both functional and aesthetic benefits. Say goodbye to unwanted noise disturbances and hello to a more peaceful and stylish outdoor space.

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