Braid Tape Rattan - 26 meters

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Braid Tape Rattan - 26 meters
Braid Tape Rattan - 26 meters
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As low as 89.95


Braid Tape Rattan - 26 meters

Especially in new housing estates there are often open fences and trellises which allow passers-by to easily see into the garden. You can close fences easily and quickly with rattan braid tape. Wicker band rattan, also called rattan, is a quick and stylish way to create more privacy in your garden. This material can be easily woven through the fencing and provides a quick and stylish solution for privacy and shelter. Order wicker rattan easily and quickly and create more privacy in no time.

A durable choice for your garden

Wicker tape made from high-quality rattan is the most durable choice. This is because rattan wicker tape lasts a long time and can withstand all weather conditions: cold, snow, rain and sunshine. Also, this material is very easy to clean thanks to its smooth surface. If you choose wicker band rattan for your garden fence or other garden project, you are assured of an elegant solution for more privacy that you can enjoy for years to come.

More privacy in an instant

Braid band rattan can be used to close the fence of a garden fence to create more privacy in the garden. A big advantage of braid tape rattan is that it is installed in no time. Want to provide a garden with lots of privacy within a few hours? Then braid tape rattan is the best choice. This multifunctional material is easy to apply and also easy to remove again. Braid band rattan is easy to apply to, for example, a fence: cut the braid band to size and weave the strips through the fence. In this way you can create more privacy in your garden in no time.

Wicker band rattan at Fenceonline

The rattan garden fence is completely to your personal taste because at Fenceonline we have them available in different colors. Do you choose a natural look with a green color or go for timeless and sleek with anthracite or gray? The wicker tape comes on a handy roll and is very easy to apply or you can hire us for this. When you order wicker band rattan at Fenceonline, you get the option for installation throughout the Netherlands. You also quickly and easily arrange that your garden fence is completely finished and you can sit in the garden with privacy. If you have any questions about rattan wickerwork or our service, please feel free to contact our customer service.

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