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Sports fields and fencing, that's truly a job for Fenceonline: the best quality for the best price!

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Fencing for sports fields from Fenceonline

For fencing - in all shapes and sizes - Fenceonline is the place to go. Therefore, for all your fencing needs in and around sports fields, you've come to the right place with us. Every type of sports field fencing found in Dutch fields can be ordered from Fenceonline. From railings to ball catchers, from double-rod fencing to wire mesh fencing. Naturally, with matching gates and components. And all of it available super-fast from stock. As a cherry on top, we can install any type of sports field fencing.

Just a selection of sports field fencing that can be ordered online at Fenceonline:

  • Pannakooien
  • Football fields
  • Hockey fields
  • Tennis courts
  • Padel courts
  • Ball catchers
  • Football goals
  • Billboard systems
  • Artificial grass

There's no need to search further for sports field fencing: Fenceonline has it all available in stock.

Fencing for football fields

Football field fencing is often taken for granted. It must withstand a push from enthusiastic spectators, people must be able to lean on it, a lawnmower must pass through the gate, and children naturally want to climb on the fencing. All of this is very important, but fencing for a football field primarily serves to keep the ball inside and everything else outside. Fenceonline has everything you need for football field fencing. The basis of football field fencing consists of a tube frame with double-rod mesh. This is something Fenceonline excels in. Take a look at our products quickly, and in case of questions, we are always easily reachable.

Fencing for tennis courts

Fencing around a tennis court: Fenceonline is the specialist for this type of fencing. From advice for finding the best solution to delivering the materials and finally installing the tennis court fencing: we take care of this process from A to Z. Fencing around a tennis court ensures the safety of spectators. It also keeps the ball inside the court, allowing the game to be played quickly and efficiently. Unlike fencing around a football field - which consists largely of double-rod mesh - the basis for a tennis court is wire mesh fencing. Wire mesh fencing is fixed between sturdy steel posts or poles, creating a kind of cage (without a roof) for playing tennis.

Fencing for hockey fields

You can also turn to Fenceonline for complete hockey field enclosures and fencing. The game played with a very hard ball puts a heavy strain on the fencing around the hockey field. The most important aspect here is that the supporters (and of course the players) are safe during the matches. Therefore, the quality of the fencing must be excellent. So, you know you're in good hands with Fenceonline for your hockey field fencing: with a Dutch product of top quality, you don't need to look further.

Panna cage or sports cage

A panna cage or panna field. Everyone knows it, really. It's a small football field with often small goals - playing without a goalkeeper - and without too many lines on the grass. However, a panna cage or football cage always has fencing around it - the so-called cage. And instead of real grass like on a large football field, almost all panna cages have artificial turf. The panna cage is also called a sports cage because it is often set up for multiple sports. At Fenceonline, we offer complete cages. From delivering just the materials (with or without artificial turf) to complete installation. That's Boundless (football) convenience.

Mini football field fencing

Football, still one of the most popular sports in the Netherlands. Many children - or adults, of course - play a game of football with friends after school. This often happens in the neighborhood on so-called mini football fields. The fields are located between houses or on a (busy) road, making fencing necessary. We call this "mini football field fencing." The field is partially enclosed with fencing to ensure that the ball does not end up on the street. Fenceonline has suitable fencing for all mini football fields. Of course, we can provide these fields with goals or multi-goals with, for example, a basketball hoop. Fenceonline, therefore, to fully equip a mini football field - many municipalities and residential areas in the Netherlands have already preceded you.

Ball catchers

A ball catcher, that product needs little explanation initially, of course. A ball catcher stands next to a sports field to stop the ball. No, not in the premier league of football or hockey, where the players are so well trained that the ball ends up in the goal. However, many amateur clubs have a ball catcher around every sports field. At Fenceonline, we have ball catcher fences in all desired heights and widths. There is also a choice of color. The ball catchers are available in the well-known colors of double-rod mesh, namely black, gray, green, or thermally galvanized.

Advertising board fencing systems

A sports field - whether it's hockey, football, or any other sport - is often surrounded by fencing. Spectators like to come and watch matches, so it's an ideal place for companies to be visible. Therefore, an advertising board hanging system is an ideal addition to the sports field (fencing). And the club also benefits: extra income from sponsorship. Fenceonline can fully assist the sports club with the supply and installation of advertising hanging systems. Take a quick look at the products.

Custom sports field fencing

Sports field fencing can be ordered "custom-made" for various applications and sports through the Fenceonline webshop. We call this a "complete package" and it can be assembled based on your specific wishes, with just a few clicks. However, we understand better than anyone that fencing for a sports field can be custom-made and that we need to work out and calculate it for you. Take a quick look at the page for custom-made fencing for sports fields: we can meet all wishes and requirements.

Options for sports field fencing

To make the sports field fencing completely tailored to the requirements and wishes of the players, spectators, or club, we naturally have all desired options in our range. These products can also be ordered individually. Some examples include:

  • Goals
  • Artificial turf
  • Gates

For additional options or ideas, we are of course available for questions and advice.

Questions about sports field fencing

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of our fencing around sports fields? Please feel free to contact one of our advisors. They will be happy to take the time to answer all your questions so that you make the right choice for your new sports field fencing!