Red Class garden fence | Width 180 cm | Height 90 cm | 21 boards

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Pine garden screen 90 cm
Red Class garden fence | Width 180 cm | Height 90 cm | 21 boards


What is a Red Class fence?

A Red Class 90cm high garden fence is a durable and stylish partition panel specifically designed to provide privacy and shelter in your garden. With a height of 90 centimeters, this garden fence offers the perfect balance between privacy and an open look.

Durable and solid

The garden screen is made of high-quality, treated wood that can withstand various weather conditions, allowing for long-term outdoor use without much maintenance. The characteristic red color of the wood gives a warm and natural look to your garden.

The Red Class garden fence is solidly constructed and features horizontal planks placed tightly together. This ensures not only a solid and durable design, but also an effective barrier against prying eyes from outside.

With a width of 90 centimeters, the garden screen is suitable for creating a defined area in your garden, such as a cozy seating area, a flower garden or a children's play area. It can also be used to screen off certain areas of the garden, such as a storage area for garden supplies or trash containers.


The Red Class 90cm high garden screen is an ideal choice for those who want to combine privacy with attractive design in their outdoor space. With its durability, style and functionality, this garden screen will be a valuable addition to any garden.

Custom advice

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More Information
Width 180 cm
Type of wood Grenen
Thickness of planks 1.6 cm
Privacy level Nauwelijks doorkijk
Height 90 cm
Width (element) 180 cm
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