Hedera Hibernica - ivy 150 - 175 cm - 2L

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Hedera Hibernica - ivy 150 - 175 cm - 2L
Hedera Hibernica - ivy 150 - 175 cm - 2L


What is Hedera Hibernica?

The Hedera (Dutch name is ivy) is a fast grower that can be used well to create a nice tight hedge. Plant the Hedera along the mesh panel, and weave the tendrils between the mesh. Do this carefully so that the tendrils kink as little as possible. Do this for the first year, until there is a good base all over the mesh. After this, the green wall can be kept short by pruning it annually. This is important to keep the hedge in nice shape, if desired. Fertilization is very important for ivy. Fertilize it in the spring with a universal fertilizer. The ivy can be planted throughout the year, with the exception of periods of frost. In winter, the ivy may discolor, but once spring arrives, it will soon regain its green color. The ivy is an easy plant, and can be grown in almost any type of soil. However, it is important not to place the plant in soil that is too wet. Roots that stand too long in water will die. In wet places, ensure good drainage. The plants can be planted in both shade and sun.

What is the difference between the full and normal varieties?

We sell two different varieties, but what exactly is the difference? The difference between the two is simply that the full variety is more mature so the leaves have a higher density. This results in a fuller plant and the convenience of needing less "steering" than the normal variety. Nice and easy right?


  • Content: 2 liters.
  • Origin: European/indigenous.
  • Planting time: all year round with the exception of frost periods.
  • Flowering form: spherical flower cluster
  • Ideal humidity: 'normal' (not too humid)
  • Emplacement : sun, semi shade and shadow
  • Winter resistance : Yes, leafy
  • Plant height : 10-1000cm
  • Soil type: All, provided fertilization is on order.
  • Planting distance: 4-5 pcs/m1
  • Winter hardiness : Good (-21°C)
  • Pruning period: March to October

Perfect to combine!

The Hedera Hibernica is perfect to combine with all kinds of different products. Think of a beautiful wooden fence that is fully grown with Hedera Hibernica. A luxurious fence with just that extra natural touch or a bamboo fence around which the Hedera can grow nicely. Everything is possible!

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