Sliding gate | Premium | Width 400 cm

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Sliding gate | Premium 400 cm wide
Sliding gate | Premium | Width 400 cm
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As low as 4,195.00


Sliding gate | Premium 400 cm wide from Fenceonline, In addition to walking gates and swing gates, Feneonline is also specialized in sliding gates. Both electric sliding gates and manually operated sliding gates. A sliding gate is strong and robust and is used for various applications. Sliding gates are available at Feneonline in a number of different variants.

Dimensions and colors.

Feneonline's premium sliding gates are available in a variety of heights and colors. The standard height and width sizes are shown below:


  • 100cm
  • 120cm
  • 180cm
  • 200cm


  • 300cm
  • 400cm
  • 500cm

Due to the different height and width sizes, the applications for sliding gates are limitless. The lower sliding gates can be used, for example, to separate a driveway. The higher sliding gates, for example, to separate a business park.

Electric sliding gate

An electric sliding gate or a manual version? The choice is obviously yours: how much convenience do you desire? We at Fenceonline can of course help you to substantiate the choice and make it a little easier. We think that at least four reasons are important for the final choice. See here three points to make a solid choice for an electric or manual cantilevered sliding gate:

  • Your budget: a manually operated sliding gate is roughly 50% of the electric version in terms of pricing, an important influence on your decision
  • Convenience: when you pull into the driveway after a long day of work, do you want convenience and stay in the car and open the sliding gate with the app on the mobile or get out anyway
  • Frequency of use: does the gate go past a business building where people are constantly driving in and out or near a soccer field where the lawn mower needs to do its job once a week

Fenceonline's electrical systems are of high quality and therefore reliable. This is what you should expect from an electric gate opener: it should work properly at all times!

Options for the sliding gate A sliding gate can be supplemented with the following options:

  • Intercom system
  • GSM control - for multiple users (electric sliding gate)
  • Extra hand transmitters (electric sliding gate)
  • Concrete foundation blocks
  • Pointed combs - for a bar gate
  • Loop for automatic vehicle recognition
  • Emergency stop for sliding gate
  • Flashlight
  • LED construction lamp 10W, 6500K, 24V
  • With the above options you make the gate fit your personal needs.

Mounting the sliding gate

The assembly (and then possibly electrical installation) of a cantilevered sliding gate is certainly not an everyday job, especially not for individuals. Therefore, if you order a sliding gate at Fenceonline, we suggest you purchase it with expert and professional assembly and installation. Install yourself or have it installed? No problem of course. We deliver the requested sliding gate at any desired location.

Need advice?

Would you like more information or have any questions regarding about our Sliding gate | Premium 400 cm wide, we encourage you to contact our customer service team. Our advisors are available via chat to assist you with any queries or concerns you may have.


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