Loop for automatic vehicle recognition

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Loop for automatic vehicle recognition
Loop for automatic vehicle recognition


Loop for automatic vehicle recognition

With the loop for vehicle recognition, many different types of vehicles can be detected. So you can use it to set your gate to open the moment you and your car are in front of the gate. The system works with an induction loop of copper wire that you place in the road surface. If you then connect the loop to the detector, a magnetic field is created. When you drive through this with your car or another vehicle, a signal is sent to your gate and the gate opens.

Set it up yourself

You can set your loop to the correct frequencies yourself to prevent interference with the magnetic field. How to do this, you can read in the included manual. The same applies to the instructions for attaching the loop and the loop detector. Feel free to let us know if you have any questions about this.

Technical Information

The induction loop and a capacitor integrated into the loop detector form an LC oscillator. The frequency of this resonance of the circuit resonant circuit is determined by the capacitor's capacitance and the size of the loop inductance. The capacitor capacity and thus the resonant frequency can be changed with a parameterization of the loop detector. This prevents, for example, interference between two adjacent induction loops or detectors.

The lower the loop inductance, the higher the oscillator frequency, which is in the range of 20 to 150 kHz.
A current is passed through the unoccupied loop and forms a magnetic field around the loop. The magnetic field lines seek the shortest path to the loop to form the magnetic field. The oscillator resonates at the base frequency Fo. A vehicle passes over the loop and enters the magnetic field. The magnetic field lines are deflected and can no longer take the shortest path to the loop. This reduces the self-inductance and the oscillator frequency increases. The loop is "activated." The loop detector detects this change. If the frequency deviation reaches the set sensitivity, the output switches.

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