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Earth Auger

An earth auger with a 75mm (millimetres) diameter is a versatile tool used for drilling holes in the ground, catering to various outdoor applications like gardening, landscaping, construction, and agricultural tasks. The 75mm measurement refers to the diameter of the hole that the auger can create. Below is an overview of this particular earth auger's characteristics and applications:


An earth auger is a tool designed for boring holes in the ground, available in handheld or machine-operated versions. It consists of a rotating spiral-shaped drill bit, also known as a "flight," attached to a shaft. The spiral blades excavate soil and debris, creating holes of different diameters to match specific task requirements.

75mm Diameter

When an earth auger is specified as "75mm," it means that the diameter of the hole it creates is 75 millimetres or approximately 2.95 inches. This size is suitable for various tasks that require holes of this specific dimension.

Uses of a 75mm Earth Auger

A 75mm earth auger finds applications in:

  1. Gardening: Planting small to medium-sized plants, flowers, and shrubs by creating holes for saplings or bulbs.
  2. Landscaping: Installing fence posts, signposts, or markers.
  3. Construction: Tasks such as installing small support structures or ground anchors.
  4. Agriculture: Planting seeds, setting up irrigation systems, or creating holes for soil sampling.
  5. DIY Projects: Homeowners and DIY enthusiasts can use it for various outdoor tasks involving hole drilling.

Steps for Using a 75mm Earth Auger

  1. Preparation: Choose a location, ensuring no underground utilities or obstacles.
  2. Secure the Auger: Grip handles for handheld augers or attach it to the appropriate equipment for machine-operated ones.
  3. Positioning: Place the auger's drill bit at the desired location.
  4. Start Drilling: Turn the handle for handheld augers or engage the machine for machine-operated ones.
  5. Drill the Hole: Gradually apply pressure until the desired depth is reached.
  6. Remove the Auger: Stop rotation and carefully take the auger out.
  7. Clear Debris: Remove soil or debris from the hole before proceeding with planting or installation.

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