Crowd control barrier | Wire Ø 9 mm | Width 250 cm

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 Crowd control barrier  | 9 wires | 2.5 M wide
Crowd control barrier | Wire Ø 9 mm | Width 250 cm


A "Crowd Control Barrier" with a wire diameter (Ø) of 9 mm and a width of 250 cm represents a robust and versatile solution for controlling the movement of crowds in various scenarios. These barriers, typically designed as temporary fencing or barricades, are pivotal in ensuring order and safety at events, construction sites, public gatherings, and other situations where crowd management is essential.

Key Features of Crowd Control Barriers:

  • Durable Construction: These barriers are often crafted from sturdy materials like steel, making them durable and capable of withstanding the demands of crowd control.
  • Robust Wire Diameter: A wire diameter of 9 mm signifies that these barriers are heavy-duty, providing a formidable physical barrier to manage crowd movement effectively.
  • Width of 250 cm: The 250 cm width indicates the total span of the barrier, allowing for flexibility in setting up a secure line to control the flow of people.
  • Interlocking Design: Crowd control barriers are typically interlocked or linked together, creating a continuous and secure line that can be easily configured and adjusted as needed.

Crowd control barriers serve as indispensable tools in a variety of settings:

  • Events: Whether it's a concert, sports event, or festival, these barriers help guide and control the movement of large crowds, ensuring order and safety.
  • Construction Sites: They provide essential safety measures by keeping unauthorized personnel away from hazardous construction areas.
  • Public Gatherings: From parades to political rallies, crowd control barriers maintain security and organization in public spaces.
  • Demonstrations: In situations involving protests or demonstrations, these barriers help establish boundaries and prevent unauthorized access.
  • Safety Measures: Wherever the need for temporary crowd control arises, these barriers act as crucial safety measures.
  • Crowd control barriers are pivotal in maintaining safety, organization, and crowd flow at diverse events and situations. Their durability and flexibility make them an indispensable tool for managing and securing crowds, ensuring that everyone's safety and security are upheld.



More Information
Height 110 cm
Width 250 cm
Aantal spijlen 16
Frame en voet Ø 38.1 mm
Spijlen Ø 12 mm
Width (element) 230 cm
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