Twin Wire Mesh Fence Ø 8/6/8 | Mesh Size 5 x 20 cm | Width 250 cm | Black

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Twin wire mesh fence 8/6/8 mm 2.5 M wide
Twin Wire Mesh Fence Ø 8/6/8 | Mesh Size 5 x 20 cm | Width 250 cm | Black
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Twin Wire Mesh Fence Ø 8/6/8 | Mesh Size 5 x 20 cm | Width 250 cm | Black

Our black RAL 9005 twin wire meshes are characterized by their robustness and are therefore extremely sturdy. Thanks to its design, the twin wire fence has a sleek and modern appearance. This type of fence gets an extra rugged look due to the black colour. The rugged appearance of black twin wire meshes essentially suits any type of house, but due to their sturdy nature, they are also highly suitable for installation around, for example, a childcare facility or a school. The black colour - RAL 9005, to be precise - of the twin wire fence has another advantage: transparency. This means you have both safety and still retain the view. Ideal when you live in an open area and want a barrier, but still want to enjoy the view. If the desire for more privacy arises, this is also not a problem. The fence - or small parts thereof - can be closed with weave strips, also known as privacy strips. We also have the weave strips available in the matching black colour to complete the picture.

Available in Two Variants

We sell the black twin wire mesh in two variants. We offer the twin wire fence in a heavy and lighter variant, also referred to as 8/6/8 and 6/5/6. These numbers indicate the thickness (in millimetres) of the wires of the black wire mesh. The horizontal wire has a thickness of 6 or 8 millimetres. The vertical wire has a thickness of 5 or 6 millimetres. The mesh size of these two types of twin wire meshes is exactly the same, measuring 20 x 5 centimetres. The fence panels have a width of 250 centimetres. Additionally, we also have a second variant of the lighter wire mesh, which has a width of 200 centimetres. The steel wires of the black twin wire meshes are galvanized before being sprayed with a black coating layer. This provides protection against rust in case of damage penetrating through the powder coat layer. In case of such damage, we have a convenient spray can with paint to touch up minor imperfections on the black fence.

Different Height Sizes

The black twin wire meshes are produced from a height of 63 centimetres. These mesh fences are used, for example, in a front garden. The highest height size is 243 centimetres. You will encounter this fence, among other places, around a distribution house of an electricity central or around a (heavily) secured prison. All height sizes are in stock with us. Not only in the black colour but also in the other colours we offer. The other height sizes we offer fall between the two mentioned sizes in increments of 20 centimetres - equal to the mesh size.

Assembling twin wire mesh Fence

You assemble black twin wire fences with black metal posts, of course. Metal posts make the assembled fence look sleek. There are some options regarding a metal post for the black fence. Our range includes a round post with long lip brackets, a rectangular post with Deluxe brackets, or a post with pre-mounted mounting blocks. The posts go at least 60 centimetres into the ground to ensure the fence stands firmly. For extra stability of the metal garden posts in the ground, we offer a number of products:

  • Quick-drying concrete mortar - for extra stability and super-fast drying
  • Footplates - if the post cannot be mounted in the ground, this product is the preferred solution

Assembling the fence is a task that can be easily done yourself. If time is lacking for this, we can always have our experts do the job. Our professionals install twin wire fences every day and can help find the best setup for the ordered fence. For more information, you can take a look at our assembly page.

Creating an Entrance with a twin wire mesh Gate

An exit or a gate in the front garden: the fence is often not complete without a matching black twin wire mesh gate. We offer these garden gates in two different types: the single gate and the double gate. The twin wire mesh gate matches the fence in colour, height, and wire thickness. There's something for everyone! You mount the black fence with a gate / wall connection to the twin wire mesh gate.


We strive to present the information on our website as clearly as possible. However, if you have any questions about fences with a black colour or any other product, please contact our customer service team. We are here to answer all your questions.


More Information
Wire diameter 8/6/8 mm
Height 60 - 240 cm
Mess 50 x 200 mm
Coated RAL 9005
Width 250 cm
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