Single wire fencing 2.5 meter wide

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The 3D fence is a sturdy panel and has a sleek and modern appearance. Our 3D panels are produced in Europe which guarantees very good quality.

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3D Fence Panels from Fenceonline

3D panels are a "light" variant of the twin-wire panels. The fence has a special bend, which gives the fence more strength. This makes the panel a good alternative for twin-wire fencing.

Why do you have to choose a 3d Panel?

Unlike our twin-wire fencing, 3D panels have only one single and one horizontal wire. Both wires are made of steel at 5mm thick and the rods are welded together. The space between the wires are 5cm wide and 20cm high. This makes it very difficult to climb over the fence, which limits access to your garden for unauthorized persons. In addition, panels contain standard dots on top of the fence which guarantees privacy in your garden/yard.

Our 3D panels are available in four different heights: 103cm, 123cm, 143cm and 193cm. The single-wire fence is standard 250cm wide.

Placing a 3D Panel

You can easily install a 3D panel fence from Fenceonline in your garden using our simple installation system. To install the fence, garden posts are required. For this, our 6cm x 4cm post is very suitable. The posts must be placed 60cm deep in the ground so that the fence is solid. You also need brackets and post caps to install the fence.

If you want to be sure that your fence is firmly in the ground and is resistant to all weather influences, we advise you to place the posts in the ground with the help of a cone, quick concrete or concrete mortar.

You can extend your domestic fence even further by adding a Double-Leaf domestic gate or Single Leaf domestic gate. This limits the passage to your garden and you create a complete fence around your garden.

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Over 20 years of experience in garden fencing.

All of our employees have a background in the garden industry and have lots of knowledge and experience with our products. So they will always have the right advice for you and can help you with whatever you need. Fenceonline stands for high quality and good service. Fenceonline takes pride in their products and happy customers.

We continuously strive to deliver your order complete, neatly and on time. Our products are carefully packed and delivered to the desired address on the agreed date. We purchase in large numbers, so we are able to deliver our products from stock. This allows us to offer you short delivery times. We usually deliver our products within 3 working days and offer you the possibility to choose a delivery date that suits you.

We are constantly focused on making ordering a fence online as easy as possible for you as a customer. We love direct contact so we can talk to you quickly help you to find the perfect fence. You as a customer are of paramount importance to us!

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