Everything in house with this complete 3D package

Optional parts:

• Kongcrete installation kit for securing the piles in the ground
• Foot plate when the post can not be placed in the ground

3D panels, what are they?

This fencing differs from the twin-wire fencing because it has a horizontal bar less. A 3D fence consists of one horizontal wire and one vertical wire, both of which are 5 mm thick.

3D panels from fence online are standard 2.5 meters wide. Our range are available in four different heights: 103 cm, 123 cm, 143 cm and 193 cm. This makes it possible to adjust the fencing very well to your wishes, and you can vary a lot with the garden separation, for example by choosing different heights.

The spaces between the wires, also called meshes, are standard 5 cm wide and 20 cm high. Just like with a twin-wire, these spaces in the fence ensure that there is plenty of room in your garden and a lot of light enters.

Complete package of a 3D fence

The package consists of 3D panels, posts and fastening materials. Fence online makes it very easy for you to offer you the complete package, which contains all materials for mounting the fence. You only need to enter the dimensions of your garden. Our configurator calculates how much you need from all the material. Then the complete package with all the material is delivered to your home, after which you only have to assemble it.

Additional applications

In addition to the necessary panels, posts and fastening materials, you can extend your fence and make it even more beautiful by adding a double gate or single gate. This closes your garden completely and you also have a beautiful passage that perfectly fits your fence. The addition of a garden gate to your fencing provides a suitable garden partition that is completely finished.

Would you like to limit the view of the fence to increase your privacy? This can be done very easily by adding a panel screen strip. A panel screen strip is a plastic band which is very simple to thread between the wires of the fence. This makes the fencing directly closed and the view through is limited, so that your privacy is guaranteed.

Barge fencing is also very suitable to be covered with green climbing plants. Besides that the climbing plants add a lot of green to your garden, it also ensures that the panels close up and the view is limited. This is a natural way to increase privacy in your garden.

3D panels order at fence online

Order this package and make sure that you have all the necessary material to be able to assemble your ideal garden partition. Enter the sizes of your garden and let our configurator calculate for you how much material you need. Our own delivery service will deliver the complete package to your home.

Do you need help with your order, or a question about our single-rod fence? Feel free to contact one of our advisers or ask your question via our chat.

  • Delivery Charge - £75 for orders sent by freight (see expected delivery time of the material).
  • Delivery Charge -  £10 for orders that are sent by parcel service (see expected delivery time of the material).
  • Free Delivery for orders above £750 (delivery in the UK).

Over 20 years of experience in garden fencing.

All of our employees have a background in the garden industry and have lots of knowledge and experience with our products. So they will always have the right advice for you and can help you with whatever you need. Fenceonline stands for high quality and good service. Fenceonline takes pride in their products and happy customers.

We continuously strive to deliver your order complete, neatly and on time. Our products are carefully packed and delivered to the desired address on the agreed date. We purchase in large numbers, so we are able to deliver our products from stock. This allows us to offer you short delivery times. We usually deliver our products within 3 working days and offer you the possibility to choose a delivery date that suits you.

We are constantly focused on making ordering a fence online as easy as possible for you as a customer. We love direct contact so we can talk to you quickly help you to find the perfect fence. You as a customer are of paramount importance to us!

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