Pine garden gate complete | Including hinges and locks

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Grenen poort inclusief hang en sluitwerk.
Pine garden gate complete | Including hinges and locks
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Pine is a popular type of wood that is often used for garden fences. Because pine wood is very strong, it is well-suited for outdoor use. This is why you often see this wood in fences and garden gates.

These pine gates are supplied with an adjustable steel frame, which serves as the foundation for a sturdy gate. The pine wood planks are screwed onto the frame. The combination of the steel frame and the pine wood planks ensures that it is a strong and robust unit. This combination also provides protection against all weather conditions. Due to the impregnation of pine wood, white/green spots may appear on the wood surface. The resin becomes white/green due to impregnation, and these spots gradually fade. You can also remove these spots with a brush.

This gate is supplied with all the necessary components, such as a doorknob, cylinder, hinges, and a frame. Therefore, you do not need to order additional materials.

A pine garden gate from Fenceonline

The pine gates from Fenceonline are available in two different widths, 100 and 120 cm wide. These garden doors are 190 cm tall. The garden gate, including the gate frame, will ultimately be 190 to 200 cm high, depending on how far the frame is secured in the ground.

Installing the garden gate yourself

It is very easy to install the pine garden gate from Fenceonline yourself. You only need the following components:

  • A pine garden gate frame, including a stopper
  • A doorknob with rosettes for a steel frame (provided as standard)
  • The required number of plate hinges: 2 for gates up to 100 cm wide, 3 for gates from 120 cm wide (new gates 120 cm wide require 2 plate hinges)
  • Quick-setting concrete, concrete mortar, a small Kongcrete installation kit, or a large Kongcrete installation kit to secure the frame firmly in the ground.
  • You should be able to install the doorknob and cylinder with a 19mm speed drill, drilling one hole for the doorknob and two holes vertically aligned for the cylinder.
  • To attach the frame to a wall or post, you can use screws and, if necessary, plugs. Since there are multiple options available, we do not provide these screws and plugs.

More information

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More Information
Width 120 cm
Dimension (port) 120 x 190 cm
Height 190 cm
Type of wood Grenen
Privacy level Geen doorkijk
Width (element) 120 cm
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