Pine garden gate | Black | Height 190 cm

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Black pine gate 190 cm high available in two widths
Pine garden gate | Black | Height 190 cm
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  • High-Quality Pine Wood: The Pine garden gate is crafted from durable and high-quality pine wood, ensuring long-lasting performance even in outdoor conditions. Pine wood is known for its sturdiness and natural beauty.
  • Elegant Design: The gate features an elegant design that can enhance the aesthetics of your garden or property. The black color option adds a touch of sophistication and complements various architectural styles.

  • Customizable Width: You have the option to choose the gate width that best fits your needs, with choices ranging from 90 cm to 150 cm. This flexibility allows you to select the perfect gate size for your specific space.

  • Tall and Secure: With a height of 190 cm, this gate provides added security and privacy for your garden or property. It can effectively deter unwanted access and provide a sense of enclosure.

  • Easy Installation: Installing the Pine garden gate is straightforward, thanks to its well-crafted design and clear installation instructions. You can quickly set it up to secure your space without the need for extensive construction work.

  • Durable Finish: The black finish not only adds a stylish touch to your property but also serves as a protective layer, preventing the wood from rotting or deteriorating due to exposure to the elements.

  • Versatile Application: This gate is suitable for various applications, including garden entrances, pathways, or as a decorative element to define spaces within your property.

  • Trusted Vendor: is a trusted seller, ensuring the authenticity and quality of the Pine garden gate. You can rely on their expertise in providing durable and visually appealing garden solutions.

  • Enhanced Curb Appeal: The Pine garden gate can significantly improve the curb appeal of your property. Its elegant design and black color option create a welcoming and stylish entrance.

  • Value for Money: Despite its quality and customization options, the Pine garden gate is available at an affordable price, making it an excellent value for your investment.

In summary, the Pine garden gate from offers a combination of durability, customization, and aesthetic appeal. Its pine wood construction, tall height, and elegant black finish make it a practical and visually pleasing addition to your property. With various width options and easy installation, it's a versatile choice for enhancing the security and beauty of your garden or outdoor space.


More Information
Thickness of planks 1.6 cm
Height ca. 180 - 190 cm
Type of wood Zwart geïmpregneerd
Privacy level Geen doorkijk
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