Single wire fencing

Single wire fencing is a modern and sturdy way to provide more security and can be used in many ways.

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What is a single wire fence?

Single wire fences are becoming more and more popular. The fence has a modern and open appearance and is very elegant. It can be used in your own private garden but also to provide security around business estates.

The fence is constructed from galvanized wire that is welded together. To protect the wires, they are provided with a powder coating. The powder coating is applied to the fences in a special spray booth, after which they are heated in an oven. The heat from the oven ensures that the powder coating becomes a sort of plastic protective layer around the fence. The coating ensures that the fences are protected against rust and weather influences. As a result, a single wire fence from Fenceonline comes with 10 years guarantee.

The difference between single wire and double wire fences

The difference between a single wire and a double wire fence is that a single wire fence has a bend to provide more stability. A double wire fence has two horizontal wires so it has enough stability without the bend. Single wire fences are available in different heights than double wire fences.

Advantages of single wire fences

Single wire fences have larges mesh than double wire fences, so the fence appears more open and makes the garden look more spacious. In addition, both the single wire fence and the double wire fence are very sturdy. So the fence has a long life and provides a durable solution.

The possibilities

Single wire fences are 2.51m wide and available in the following heights:

  • 103 cm
  • 123 cm
  • 143 cm
  • 183 cm

To install the fence, 6x4 cm posts are best used to attach the single wire fence panels. These posts come with the required installation material. Because these posts are delivered complete with the installation material, you save yourself expenses on additional material. For the installation of the posts in the ground, you can use Kongcrete, quick concrete or concrete mortar to ensure that the post is firmly anchored into the ground. This also extends the life of the post and the fence.

In addition, it is also possible to customize the fence to your own wishes and preferences by adding the following additional accessories:

  • A single leaf gate
  • A double leaf gate
  • A footplate for over-ground installation
  • An L-footplate for connecting the fence to a wall

To provide more privacy, you can use climbing plants to protect your garden from nosy neighbours. It also gives the fence a more natural look. Another option to obstruct the view of your garden is by using panel screen strips that are woven through the fence.

Measure your garden

The possibilities for a single wire fence are endless. Besides being an elegant way to separate your garden, it can be used in many ways and adapted to your personal wishes. Order your fence online easily by entering the dimensions of your garden. Our calculator will tell you exactly how much material is needed and the fence is delivered to your home.

If you would like to receive more information about the garden fences at Fenceonline then please feel free to contact us or see if your question is answered in the frequently asked questions.

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