Double wire fence

Our double wire panels give your garden a modern and elegant look while also providing security.

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6 Items

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What is a double wire fence?

A double wire fence consists of three iron bars: two horizontal bars and one vertical bar. The panels are produced from galvanised wire, welded and provided with a coating. The galvanisation and coating ensure that the fence is protected against weather conditions so that the fence will not rust. This ensures that the fence will stay in good shape and is a long time investment.

The fence panels are available in sizes 6/5/6, where the horizontal bars have a diameter of 6mm and the vertical bar has a diameter of 5mm. The panels are 2m wide, therefore it easy to measure how many panels you will need.

The twin-wire fence panel is available in different heights, so you can adjust the fence exactly to your garden. The available heights are:

  • 103cm
  • 123cm
  • 143cm
  • 183cm

Fences are offered in standard RAL colours: RAL 9005 black and RAL 6005 green.


We offer both double wire separately, as well as complete packages. With a complete package, you will receive all the accessories for the installation and will not need to order additional fasteners or garden posts separately.

The price depends on the preferred height of the fence. Prices for a complete package of double wire depends on the number of metres required, the height, the number of corners, the type of pole and the optional choice for fastening material for the posts - such as high-speed concrete. If you want to know how much a complete package will cost, you can use the generator to calculate the costs.

Double wire panels

Fenceonline guarantees that you get double wire fence for the best price and in the highest quality. This way your double wire fence will last a long time and can be seen as a long time investment.

Decoration and accessories

In addition to the fence panels, you also need posts to install the fence. For securing the posts in the ground, a Kongcrete installation kit, quick concrete or concrete mortar is required. As a result, the posts and the fence are firmly achored in the ground, which extends the service life of the fence.

Finally, you can finish the fence to your taste by choosing the following additions:

  • A single leaf gate
  • A double leaf gate
  • Panel screen strips
  • A footplate
  • An L footplate

Fenceonline specialises in fencing and is the best choice when it comes to choosing your garden fence. We are happy to advise you on our wide range of garden fences, from decorative fences to metal fences, and help you make the right choice step by step. If a double wire fence is the right choice for your garden, then click here to measure easily and quickly what material you require.

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