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  1. Panel screens strip | 50 meters
    Panel screens strip | 50 meters
    • Specially developed for double bar mats & single bar mats
    • Roll a 50 meters and 19 cm high
    As low as 69.95
  2. Ground latch for garden gate
    Ground latch for garden gate
    • Available in 4 colors
    • Strong
    • Easy to use
    • Easy to assemble
    As low as 24.95
  3. Gate / wall connection
    Gate / wall connection

    Gate connections are used if you want to mount a double bar mat or single rod mat to a gate or wall.

  4. Zelfborende parker groot
    Self-drilling parker

    Self-drilling self-tapping machines are used with a gate connection or base plate, and each port connection requires two self-tapping self-tapping screws.

  5. Staples | bag of 100 grams
    Staples | bag of 100 grams

    These staples are delivered in a bag with a total weight of 100 grams.

  6. Set of bolts M8x25
    Set of bolts M8x25

    This lock bolt M8x25 comes complete with ring and nut.

  7. Foot plate for post 6x4cm
    Foot plate for post 6x4cm

    Footplates for post 6 x 4 cm are used if you want to place a fence on a wall, for example, or on concrete.

  8. L-footplate for post 6x4cm
    L-footplate for post 6x4cm

    L-footplates for post 6 x 4 cm can be used on;  a wall, where no standard footplate can be used.

  9. Fast concrete mortar 25KG
    Fast concrete mortar 25KG

    Quick concrete ideal for fixing a fence or gate, hardened within 15 minutes. available per 25KG bag.

Items 1-9 of 37

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There are many different accessories available. All these accessories are meant to help you install your fence as well and firmly as possible. For example, do you have a fence that's 203 cm high? Then it might be smart to use concrete for installing the posts. This makes your fencing even more stable. Do you want climbing plants to weave through your fence? Then it might be smart to use quick concrete or concrete mortar. The plants will cause the fence to catch more wind and it needs to be more stable.

It is also possible to place your fence against a gate or wall. Then you need to use the wall/ gate connectors. By using this product, you do not have to place an extra pole next to a wall or next to your gate post. When you order a wall/ gate connection, you also need about a lock bolt set. Do you also want to install the connector on the gate post? Don't forget to order the self-drilling parker.


Have you found a suitable fence in the meantime, but do you want to make it look even more beautiful? Fenceonline also offers fence decoration. A product that is increasingly common are panel screen strips. This product can be braided through the mesh of a double wire or single wire fence element. This creates more privacy and protects you from wind.

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