Stone Gabions

A stone fence is a unique way of separating your garden from the outside world. Gabions are increasingly being used as a garden fence. The most popular version of the gabions are the stone baskets.

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What is a Gabion?

A gabion wall consists of a steel frame and special filling of stones. This gabion is filled with stones, from where the name stone baskets comes from.

The combination of the steel of the gabion and the stones with which the basket is filled ensure that the garden partition is very strong. The combination of these materials also ensures a sleek, modern and elegant look in your garden. When you opt for stone baskets as a separation for your garden, you opt for a sustainable product that will retain its quality for a long time.

The great advantage of stone baskets is that this product hardly requires maintenance and is very resistant to weather influences. The material is very durable so that the product lasts very long and is a suitable choice.

Install your stone gabion yourself

  • Double wire panels
  • Post for gabions
  • Spacers for gabions
  • Kongcrete, fast concrete mortar or concrete mortar

More possibilities

Our stone baskets can also be filled with other materials, such as wood.

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