Fence post 60 x 40 mm | Spacer | Black

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Fence post 60 x 40 mm | Spacer | Black
Fence post 60 x 40 mm | Spacer | Black
Kunststof kap voor paal 60x40mm
Alu kap voor paal 60x40mm RAL6005
Alu kap voor paal 60x40mm RAL6009
Alu kap voor paal 60x40mm RAL7016
Alu kap voor paal 60x40mm RAL9005
Alu kap voor paal 60x40mm Verzinkt
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Fence post multi

Fenceonline offers a wide range of fence posts available in various types, colours, and dimensions. We have round fence posts, rectangular fence posts, and square fence posts, with the latter often used as corner posts. Many of our fence posts use separate fence brackets to mount the fence to the post. For example, round fence posts always use long lip brackets. In contrast to these smooth fence posts, our rectangular fence posts come with pre-mounted clamps, making them the easiest system for DIY installation. The number of clamps pre-attached to the post depends on the chosen height of the fence and ranges from 3 to 7 clamps per fence post. For instance, if you have chosen a height of 63 cm, you would select a post of 120 cm, with 3 pre-mounted clamps distributed over a height of 60 cm. The remaining 60 cm is inserted into the ground for stability. If you intend to mount the fence on a paved surface, you would use corresponding base plates. In this case, you would need to shorten the part of the post without clamps, which can be done by sawing the post.

Various fence post lengths

The length of the fence post depends on the height of the fence. The post is always 60 cm longer than the height of the fence, with this extra length used to firmly anchor the fence post in the ground. Fenceonline recommends adding some quick-setting concrete to the base of the fence post to ensure it remains stable. The fence post multi lengths available in the Fenceonline assortment are:

  • 120 cm
  • 140 cm
  • 160 cm
  • 180 cm
  • 200 cm
  • 220 cm
  • 240 cm
  • 260 cm
  • 280 cm
  • 300 cm

For fence panels higher than 243 cm, we recommend using a different post system with separate fence brackets. Please contact our customer service for more information. All these heights are available in various colours, which match exactly with the colours of the fence.

  • RAL6009 (fir green)
  • RAL6005 (moss green)
  • RAL9005 (black)
  • RAL7016 (anthracite)
  • Thermally galvanized

If you prefer a special colour, we can also provide this for you. Our team of professionals is ready to assist you with any special requests.

Corner fence post multi

If you have corners in your fence line and need a corner fence post, this is also possible with the fence post multi system. Fenceonline offers corresponding corner posts with slightly different dimensions for this system. These corner posts are 6 x 6 cm and have a more robust appearance. Like the regular fence post multi, these corner posts are available in all colours.

Fence post multi with cover strip or profile strip

With the fence post multi, you also have the option to purchase a corresponding cover strip or profile strip. This strip provides extra strength and also gives a more luxurious finish. The difference between the cover strip and the profile strip is that the cover strip (40 x 4 mm) is a solid steel strip, while the profile strip is a curved plate profile (40 x 9.5 mm). The choice depends on which appearance you prefer. For a corner fence post multi, you always need 2 cover strips per fence post.

Fence post caps

The fence post multi comes standard in the twin wire fence package with a black plastic post cap. If you have chosen a fence post multi with a cover strip, this plastic cap is replaced with an extended plastic cap that fits over the cover strip. These fence post caps are also available in aluminum, which is the same colour as the fence post and gives a very luxurious appearance. This also applies if you have chosen a fence post multi including a cover strip. The aluminum variant post cap is extended and fits over the cover strip.

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