Douglas wood | Gate frame

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Douglas wood | Gate frame
Douglas wood | Gate frame


Do you want to provide your douglas wooden fence with a nice wooden fence door? Then you also need a wooden garden gate to place the door securely. Fenceonline offers you a complete package consisting of a garden gate frame made of douglas wood, equipped with a stop bar and fasteners.

Fence door with gate frame

Our douglas wooden gate fits perfectly on a wooden fence. To secure the garden gate to the fence and in the ground, a wooden frame is required. The wooden frame will be attached to the posts of the fence with the fastening material the beams of the frame are 4.3 x 8.7 cm thick.

The wooden gate will then be attached to the wooden frame.The frame is also perfect for other types of doorways. However, the frame can only be used on fence doors with a straight upper side

.In addition to this douglas wooden gate door, Fenceonline also has a garden gate frame in pine. This fits perfectly on our pine gate and is also applicable to other types of gates, as long as they are provided with a straight upper side.

Douglas wooden garden gate frame by Fenceonline

The douglas wooden garden door frame by Fenceonline is 210 cm high as standard. It is possible and quite easy to shorten the height of this frame to 200 cm or 180 cm. The frame is standard 160 cm wide and can be shortened as desired. This way you can perfectly adapt this sturdy door frame to your current door.

Also suitable for wood-concrete fences

This douglas wooden gate frame is also very suitable for adding a gate to a wood-concrete fence. The direct mounting of a fence door on a concrete post is quite difficult. When you use a garden gate for your gate door, not the gate itself but the wooden frame is attached to the concrete post. Then the gate door is attached to the frame. The combination of the gate frame and the steel construction in the gate ensure a solid whole.

Simply order your garden door frame

Order now your new douglas wooden garden gate and make sure your gate is firmly attached to your fence. This complete set contains all the necessities to attach the frame, so you do not have to think about anything anymore.

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Height 210 cm
Material Wood
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