Double wire fence gabions mesh 5 x 20 cm | package

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Double wire fence gabions mesh 5 x 20 cm | package

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    Double wire fence stone basket mesh 5 x 20 cm | package

    A stone basket is also called gabion. A stone basket is often used as a garden or yard partition. Gabions are often used in combination with other products such as double bar fencing or fences. Stone baskets are available in different heights:

    • 103 cm high
    • 123 cm high
    • 143 cm high
    • 183 cm high

    This stone basket is available in the color hot dip galvanized, this gabion we offer as a complete package. In the configurator you can enter the size of your partition, we ensure that you get the right materials on the basis of this information. When you want to order this package, the configurator ensures that the right products are calculated. We deliver a complete package, only the stones are not included in the calculation.

    Installing the stone basket

    Fenceonline has developed a system with which everyone can install a stone basket (gabion). With our complete package configurator you get the necessary materials delivered to the desired location. With the materials supplied you can easily assemble the stone basket yourself. The piles must be 60 cm in the ground and can possibly be reinforced with concrete mortar or quick concrete. In addition, we supply standard spacers, which means that the double bar mats do not sink when stones are placed.

    • Delivery Charge - £75 for orders sent by freight (see expected delivery time of the material).
    • Delivery Charge -  £10 for orders that are sent by parcel service (see expected delivery time of the material).
    • Free Delivery for orders above £750 (delivery in the UK).

    Over 20 years of experience in garden fencing.

    All of our employees have a background in the garden industry and have lots of knowledge and experience with our products. So they will always have the right advice for you and can help you with whatever you need. Fenceonline stands for high quality and good service. Fenceonline takes pride in their products and happy customers.

    We continuously strive to deliver your order complete, neatly and on time. Our products are carefully packed and delivered to the desired address on the agreed date. We purchase in large numbers, so we are able to deliver our products from stock. This allows us to offer you short delivery times. We usually deliver our products within 3 working days and offer you the possibility to choose a delivery date that suits you.

    We are constantly focused on making ordering a fence online as easy as possible for you as a customer. We love direct contact so we can talk to you quickly help you to find the perfect fence. You as a customer are of paramount importance to us!

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