Double leaf garden gate premium 300 cm

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Our double leaf garden gates are delivered with all the parts you need for installation. Each gate leaf is 1.5m wide meaning both wings together are 3m wide. The gate posts are 10cm wide each and must be taken into account for the dimensions. Other dimensions can be found in the manual. It is possible to attach a double or single wire panel to the gate - we advise to use a gate connector to do this and do not forget to order a lock bolt set and two self-tapping seals.

Double leaf garden gate

The double leaf garden gates of Fenceonline form a modern, stylish and practical separation between your garden and the outside world. The garden gates are very sturdy and durable meaning they are resistant to weather influences and have a long lifespan. Our gates are made with galvanized steel making them very sturdy, and once ready, all parts of the gates are powder coated. The galvanized steel and powder coating ensure that corrosion and rust formation are prevented.

Our double leaf garden gates consist of:

  • 2 gate posts
  • 1 frame
  • 1 gate infill
  • Gate hinges
  • 1 lock case
  • 1 door catcher
  • Cover caps

The possibilities

The double leaf garden gates are equipped as with 2 10 x 10cm posts and are 2.5mm thick. As a result, the garden gates connect very well to our double wire fences. The garden can be constructed using double wire fence panels. By using a gate connector you can mount the panel to the post. To place these posts firmly in the ground, Congcrete, concrete mortar or fast concrete is required, which can be easily ordered online with your fence. Gates must always be placed in the ground unless you want to put it on a concrete floor. Then we advise getting a solid footplate at a construction company so that you know for sure that the gate is firmly attached to the ground.

Delivered at home

Fenceonline is a specialist in double wire fences and double leaf garden gates. We deliver the best quality at the best price. Please enter the dimensions of your garden and we will calculate how much material you require. In addition, we will deliver the complete package to your home.

If you would like to receive more information about our double wire fences and double leaf garden gates, please feel free to contact us.

  • Delivery Charge - £75 for orders sent by freight (see expected delivery time of the material).
  • Delivery Charge -  £10 for orders that are sent by parcel service (see expected delivery time of the material).
  • Free Delivery for orders above £750 (delivery in the UK).

Over 20 years of experience in garden fencing.

All of our employees have a background in the garden industry and have lots of knowledge and experience with our products. So they will always have the right advice for you and can help you with whatever you need. Fenceonline stands for high quality and good service. Fenceonline takes pride in their products and happy customers.

We continuously strive to deliver your order complete, neatly and on time. Our products are carefully packed and delivered to the desired address on the agreed date. We purchase in large numbers, so we are able to deliver our products from stock. This allows us to offer you short delivery times. We usually deliver our products within 3 working days and offer you the possibility to choose a delivery date that suits you.

We are constantly focused on making ordering a fence online as easy as possible for you as a customer. We love direct contact so we can talk to you quickly help you to find the perfect fence. You as a customer are of paramount importance to us!

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