Complete fencing packages

Our fence packages are easy and quick to assemble.

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3 Items

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Get your complete fence package at Fenceonline

We aim to make it as easy as possible for you and we have designed a generator that does the thinking for you. The following packages are offered at Fenceonline:

  • Double-wire fencing
  • Single-wire fencing

Get a complete package as follows:

  • Select the preferred height of the fence
  • Choose the desired colour (double-wire fencing is available in two colours, RAL6005 green, RAL9005 black. Decorative fencing is only available in RAL 9005 black)
  • For the generator to function correctly it is important to fill in the desired length and height of the fence in metres
  • In addition to the number of metres, it is important to know how many corners you require so that we can provide you with sufficient material

Garden gates

You can complete your fence with a matching garden gate. Double-wire fences and single-wire fences use a single leaf garden gate or a double leaf garden gate. Decorative fencing uses either ornamental gate elegant and ornamental gate basic.

Finishing your fence

If you want to anchor your fence into the ground you can use quick concrete, concrete mortar or Kongcrete. Quick concrete is used for larger fences and gates as it is easy to process. Kongcrete is often used as a filler. In addition to filling up the dug hole, it also provides stability to your fence.

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